investing in pink diamonds Promises is the Way to Go

Why investing in pink diamonds Promises is the Way to Go

Due to their high demand and rarity, the pretty and precious pink diamonds can be worth up to over ten times of what their colourless equals cost. The predominant factor here is their extraordinary scarcity. This can explain why the finest pink diamonds have fetched some of the most expensive prices ever at auctions in the recent past.

It is for the above reason that precious stones experts advise that anyone interested in investing in a diamond, then a pretty pink is definitely the way to go. Australia’s Argyle mine – the world’s main source of the much sought after pink diamond – is scheduled to close down by 2020. This is as a result of the exhaustion of its economic resource.

What this means is that the pink diamonds will become much scarcer and their prices are expected to shoot even higher. It isn’t, therefore, surprising that pink diamonds have been fetching the highest prices in the precious stones market in the recent past. Literati

When it comes to diamonds, the number of carats, cut, colour and clarity significantly determine the price as well as resale value. Out of the four main factors, colour is king where a pink stone is involved. Their colour description matters a lot. The pink diamonds can be described as light or fancy, and sometimes they can be intense and then finally vivid, which happens to be the uppermost grade of a coloured diamond. The colour grading and diamond certificates are normally given by reputable international bodies such as GIA.

Colour is very critical in the precious stones market that experts even advice collectors to choose better colour quality over size and clarity. One of the chief reasons for this might be the complicated and at times eccentric process that it takes for identification of the precise shades.

Precious stone experts are in agreement that the estimation of the precise shade of any coloured diamond is never that forthright, even for the most experienced experts, let alone a layman. Not all people will spot the same colour intensity, and the pink diamonds are more often known to possess a second colour. For instance, it is possible to have an orangey pink or a browny pink.

As a matter of fact, two colour pinks fetch much less in the market when compared to their single-colour pink counterparts. Clarity, which is normally very crucial in a white diamond, tends to lessen in any fancy coloured diamond that comes with high colour intensity.

There always a huge cost variance between a fancy intense and a fancy vivid pink diamond. This can go a long way to explain the high price of a flawless fancy vivid diamond, like the Pink Star – the most expensive precious stone in the world today. , the “Pink Star” (a pink coloured diamond) became the most costly gemstone on earth when it sold for $71.2 million (£57.3 million) at an auction.

With its colour rating, “Fancy Vivid” – the highest ever grade on the scale that is used in the valuation of coloured diamonds – the 59.60 carat stone happens to be the largest and most expensive ever cut pink diamond in the entire world. This is perhaps the biggest confirmation yet that investing in pink diamonds is the way to go.

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