Loan Against Equity Shares – A Quick Guide

Loan Against Equity Shares – A Quick Guide!

A large number of people in India invest in some securities such as shares such as equity shares and demat shares. Investing in these tools not only give them a higher ROI but even an opportunity to borrow a higher amount at a lower rate.

Yes, you have guessed it right, and we are discussing the loan against equity shares. If you need some money, you can easily pledge your invested equity shares and avail up to Rs.10 crore at an affordable interest rate.

Here is a quick post if you would like to unearth more information on loan against equity shares. It will help you quickly decide if you need some money without paying higher interest EMIs. Read on!

What is the loan against equity shares?

As the name clears it all – you can borrow or raise some funds after pledging your invested equity shares. You can use the loan to cover many expenses in life that are big in nature and would have forced you to take many loans to fulfill all. Not any more, just one loan against equity shares is enough to complement all needs.

Loan against equity shares – Quick benefits at a glance

  • Higher loan value – As per your loan against equity shares eligibility, you have the freedom to seize up to Rs.10 crore. No matter what your wish is, you can now fulfill all with such a large amount.
  • The lower rate of interest – You need to pledge your equity shares to avail the loan, and hence, it makes the loan secured. As a result, you can enjoy the affordable rate of interest. In turn, it can assist you to pay lower EMIs and manage other monthly outlays without issues.
  • Extended tenor – A larger tenor is a guarantee that you can extend the loan principal into many years and make small payments per month. This way, you don’t need to concern about paying higher EMIs per month and hampering your budget.
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager – You can also get in touch with a deducted Relationship Manager to help you with all loan queries 24/7.
  • Online loan access – You can access your loan against equity shares details right from anywhere and 24/7. Lenders let you do that when they provide access to your loan details via their digital customer portal.
  • Nil prepayment and foreclosure charges – You can shoo away the charges for making prepayments. You don’t need to pay anything extra for foreclosing the loan earlier.

When you need some large amount, and if you are already invested in an equity share account, you can use it to your advantage now. Applying for the loan against equity shares facility is super easy as you can initiate that online. With minimal documentation and easy eligibility criteria all these things make this facility very easy and gives the customers chance to access this facility without any difficulty. So chose your lender wisely, with all the factors above mentioned and enjoy the priviliges of facility of loan against equity shares.

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