3 Great Business Ideas for 2019

3 Great Business Ideas for 2019


An organisation prospers when there is an innovative business idea at its heart. At times, the idea is not innovative but it has an exceptional element which helps the company to stand apart from its competitors.

This is why it is important for business owners to surf for and engage in some brainstorming to come up with an exceptional business idea.

Simultaneously, a good business idea attracts customers/clients easily and you can improve your services as you gain feedback from them.

However, there are some entrepreneurs who do not have a creative team to back them up with innovative business ideas. We have discussed below three businesses which have immense scope for expansion not only in 2019 but also in the future:

Running a social media consulting business

Social media has become an integral part of most individuals’ lives. This has resulted in an increase in the use of social media platforms. Over the years, there is an increase in demand for social media presence for almost all legal entities.

It is tricky for some business owners to be constantly active on these platforms and hence they need experts to shoulder this responsibility on their behalf.

Listed down are essential aspects which you must consider while starting a social media consulting firm:

Develop necessary skills

You are less likely to win clients unless you possess the ability and the necessary skills to shoulder the responsibilities. As a social media consultant, you primarily need to have an active social media presence.

Along with this, you must also have an understanding about what content works for which social media platform.

You must have the ability to interpret what type of campaign is suitable for which medium. You should know when to focus on audience engagement and when you need to concentrate on sales.

Only an experienced consultant can determine the significance of paid campaigns and different methods to measure metrics.

Business finance

Before you pitch to any potential client you must have a specific financial plan or rate card based on which you charge your clients. The charges may vary based on the client, the tenure of the campaign and their goals.

As an entrepreneur, you also have to ensure that your business does not face any financial crunch. You have to make sure that your firm maintains a healthy cash flow. But if the need for financial assistance arises, you should have the right sources in your vision.

You can always reach out for credit facilitators who can provide you with a suitable financial solution. You can get in touch with them by either calling them or visiting their office. If you wish to gain more information about their services, you can skimp through the FAQ’s on their website. This will give you a clear picture about their services and the process.

Hire right people

Once you have gained ample knowledge about the field and the finance for the business, your next move is to hunt for people who can shoulder all the important business activities.

For instance, you need to hire individuals who can manage client accounts, who can help you in lead generation, web designer, SEO, content writers and analysts. This way, you can easily manage your increasing client list and ensure that they receive quality services.

Organic Food Business

There is an increasing demand for organic food and vegetables in the market. This increasing demand has resulted in more number of organic farms and hence the need for businesses to supply organic food at the right time and right place.

If you intend to start your own organic food business you have to be mindful of certain important aspects which are discussed below:

Understand your audience

The audience you cater to is extremely educated and wise and that is why they choose to consume healthy food rather than the easily available unhealthy food products in the market.

This educated market is more concerned about their health rather than paying additional costs for food products. It is important to inform them about your presence and social media is one of the best mediums you can choose to do so.

Market and individual growth opportunities

Before you step into the market, it is very important to carry out market analysis. You cannot simply dive into the water without knowing how deep it is.

Similarly, you must accumulate as much information as you can about the organic food market and its demand.

Based on the information collected, you can plan your business structure and its process. This information also helps you to evaluate the amount of capital that needs to be invested in the business and how you can seek additional help if required.

Policy and possible challenges

When you have a vague idea about possible challenges in your way, you are prepared to face them. As an entrepreneur, you have to foresee these challenges and search for the right solutions to beat them.

Simultaneously, you have to keep note of the laws pertaining to exchange with farmers and how you can deliver them fresh to your audience.

You have to come up with a simple and efficient supply chain, which ensures quick delivery of food products from farmers to your consumers.

Online Tutoring Business

Students these days prefer online tutorials rather than the old school format which was handwritten. The biggest advantage being that it is more convenient and easy to understand as well.

However, there are specific elements which have to be considered while starting the business. Some of them are discussed below:

Tutoring Business plan

The most fundamental aspect of a tutoring business is that you need a specific business plan. You need to develop a clear format about the subjects that you will be teaching and what syllabus will be taught through your website.

Students in higher grades will probably have vast academic goals as compared to smaller grades. You also have to arrange the tutorials in a series so that your students can easily refer to them even in your absence.

Hire right tutors

Teaching is an art and everyone does not possess it. This means that you have to search for responsible, reliable and well-qualified tutors who can carry out this task efficiently.

Tutors tend to be positive and enthusiastic to tutor their students. They must have patience and deep understanding of the subject they are teaching. This way, they can easily clarify student’s doubts and drive them to score better in their exams.

Make sure that you motivate tutors to put their best efforts since it is tricky to form a proper work pattern right at the start. You can set specific grounds based on which you hire tutors for your business.

Tutor rules and finance involved

You are passionate about teaching and you possess the art as well but you cannot simply start your business. You need proper government permissions to start your business and abide by the norms mentioned by them.

Apart from these, you also have to evaluate how much do you gain from the business. One of the reasons to run business is to earn profits and hence it is important to set a specific financial budget for each grade.

Maintaining records of your business finances can help you to determine your financial position and prepare future plans.


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