5 Ways to track the application status of your HDFC credit card

5 Ways to track the application status of your HDFC credit card


Don’t want to carry cash with you all the time? Here is why credit cards exist. With the ease of swiping, you can spend from a bare minimum of Rs.150 to as much as two to five lakhs through your credit card. This amount spent can be repaid monthly, or on personalized scheduling.

Additional perks like cashbacks and reward points, along with the safety factors make credit cards an ideal monetary mediator. Hence, it comes as no difference that many people apply for credit cards every day. If you are also one of the credit card applicants wanting to know your HDFC credit card application status, listed below are five possible ways that you can exert.

But before that, it is necessary to understand the stages that your credit card application goes through before the card reaches you.

The various stages of HDFC credit card post application are:

  • In-process – Meaning your documents and applications are being verified.
  • Approved – Your application cleared all checking and shall be issued.
  • Dispatched- Your credit card is out and shall be delivered to you soon.
  • Rejected- Your application failed to pass the verification, hence, you will not receive a credit card. You will have to re-apply.
  • No records found- A very rare situation, where documents regarding your credit cards are not found in the online registry or the physical database. The process shall be terminated and you will have to sort out the issue with higher authorities.

Generally, the banks, especially HDFC always sends message notifications to the applicants informing them when their application clears each stage. However, in-between these phases, if you want to track your application with more details, the following are five ways you can do so:

  1. Check credit card status online

The easiest and simplest way to track HDFC credit card application status is to check online. By visiting the official HDFC website, you can find the exact condition of your application.

Once you are on the site, follow the below procedure-

Products > Cards > Credit cards > Important links > Track credit card application status.

You can also check by using your application reference number, application form number or date of birth and phone number. If you want to know how to check your application online then click here.

  1. Check via customer care

If you do not know how to pursue on the internet, you can track your application status by calling on the customer care hotline. Each city has a specific number. By finding the number on the official HDFC site, you can ring the customer care with your query. You will need to know your application form number to proceed in this method.

  1. Visit a local HDFC branch

If you do not have an access to the internet, you can visit the local bank branch where your application was likely processed to. The branch authorities have access to pull out all the files related to your document from the database. Though it is a tedious task, it is an assured solution for your questions.

  1. Contact your agent

If you applied for a credit card via an agent, you can approach him for information regarding your application. This is actually a convenient way to obtain a credit card, as the agents save you much of the hassle if you can afford to.

  1. File an official complaint

If the online status shows dispatched but you haven’t received your card yet, and if the local branch officials cannot resolve your query, you can file a complaint with the head office. A formal investigation will begin with your application, proceeding to the last known stage. It is a highly effective method if the information on the credit card has been delayed for a long time.

So, here are the 5 ways by which you can track your HDFC credit card application status. To ensure that your credit card approval is done without any hassle, make sure to submit updated documents and information. If any information mismatches, then there are chances that your application might be rejected.


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