7 Things to Know If You Are Applying For a Credit Card

7 Things to Know If You Are Applying For a Credit Card


The reserve of the country with its recent decision to increase the nation’s interest rates might not go well with the consumers. Many predict that it is expected to cost the consumers around 192 million dollars every month on their credit card balances. Moreover, as per the latest data obtained from the Reserve Bank of the country, the interest rates would be increased. It is the first time since 2008 that the interest rates of the country have been hiked. The growth for the benefit rates has shown a rising trend from 2016 and is expected to have a say in the harmful behaviour of the citizens. Also, the increase in interest rates would be considered in one and two billing periods. It is interesting to mention that if the Reserve Bank of the country hike the interest rates two or more times before the end of December 2016, individuals carrying credit cards will experience a severe and sharp increase in the interest rates.

Credit card facility is nowadays availed by all and sundry across the globe. It gives you instant financial help and also helps you to avail loans for your personal and corporate domain. There is no serious harm in availing credit cards with no deposit, but it should be ensured that you have gone through all the terms and conditions before signing the documents. It’s alright to trust a financial institution that is ready to give you instant help but waving away chances of future problems is equally necessary.

Overview of EMV Credit Card

This particular brand has previously come up with amazing money transferring devices and solutions, and its recent release of the terminal has made billing very easy. The device is compact and has a very easy user interface. It comes with buttons and a screen on the top. If you have to make a payment, you need to insert the pin of your credit card after swiping it in the allotted space. The amount you pay will be added to your credit card bill at the end of the month.

There are instances when you don’t carry cash while you are out for shopping or having dinner with friends and family. You can use your card with Digital signature  and pay your due amount by using this device. Now, this particular brand is making this device available just for you at the right price. It is studded with advanced features and is guaranteed to be a durable product. The device helps in ensuring super-fast billing and money transfer.

7 Things to Know for Applying For a Credit Card

  1. Credit Score –The credit score is something that is impacted in a great way by your credit card. The repayment schedule and the other aspects of the credit card impact the credit score.
  2. Interest Rates – The rates of interest and the charges that will be levied on you because of the credit card is something that you should also know before you get a credit card.

3.Terms and Conditions – The terms and conditions are something that you should also check before getting a credit card.

  1. Payment Methods – The ways you can pay the credit card bills are also essential this know before you get the credit card. The online payment is the best way to repay the credit card bills.
  2. Loyalty Points and Rewards – The rewards and loyalty benefits are also to be known by you as these are the plus side of having a credit card, and you will avail benefits.
  3. Minimum Repayment – You can never anticipate a crisis, and you should know as to what is the minimum repayment that is allowed.
  4. Secured and Unsecured Credit Cards –You should know the difference between the secured and unsecured credit cards. The ones who have collateral or a security deposit are secured cards, and the others are the unsecured ones.

These are the seven things to know about when you are applying for a credit card. There are a few other things as well, but then again these are the things that you should know about the credit card domain. Knowing them will help you in financial aspects


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