A Guide on How to Choose Satellite Phones with Prepaid and Monthly Plans

A Guide on How to Choose Satellite Phones with Prepaid and Monthly Plans


If you want to purchase a satellite phone to use for a specific need, this will be a big decision you will make as the phone is not cheap. Therefore, it is essential that you arrive at the correct choice for your specific need.

Before you decide about different sat phone plan on which phones to settle for, it would be best to understand how other satellite network systems operate. Do not make your decision based on the feature and specs of the phones available in the market. These features will be irrelevant to you compared to the operational differences described below.

Satellite systems and coverage

Inmarsat satellite coverage is fixed in the same position in the sky and is provided by three satellites’. On the other hand, many satellites offer radium’s network coverage zooming around the world at different positioning. Depending on where you want to use your sat phone, you can make and receive calls if you have a clear position to any of their satellite. However, when your view of the satellite is not clear, you will not receive signals. When you are going to a region that you consider to have network blockage, choose a phone from a network with many satellites to access.

Feature and services

After establishing a set phone that will suit you wherever you will be going, proceed to look into the features which will be economical to you and which features you will need for accessible communication.

Calling plans

All network providers have different call option plans to suit their clients. They include low monthly fees, prepaid plans, and pay-per-minute usage to choose from.

Purchase or rental

Finally, if you plan to use the phone for the long term, you can get an option that suits you. If you need the phone to use for a short period, it will be best to rent it for that duration instead of purchasing it for economic purposes.


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