Best Airtel Plans with Unlimited Calls and More Data

Best Airtel Plans with Unlimited Calls and More Data


This age lives on the internet. Be it surfing through social media accounts or watching movies on Netflix, we need unlimited internet to satisfy ourselves. Besides the internet, the daily unlimited call is also required to have any important talks with clients or for simple conversations with our loved ones. A list is mentioned below, that discusses the best Airtel recharge plans that offer full talktime and high amounts of data per day.

Rupees 248 plan:

This is one of the best Airtel recharge plansthat offer unlimited calls to other networks along with 1.5GB data per day. You will also get access to 100SMS per day with this pack. The pack remains valid for 28 days. This pack is suitable for people who consume high amounts of data each day and yet want to remain under 500 rupees’ plans.

Rupees 298 plan:

This plan also offers unlimited calls. The amount of data offered by this plan is 2GB and the 100SMS can also be sent per day using this plan. The plan validity is 28 days. There is also the facility of getting unlimited access to WynkMusic and Hello tunes with the recharge of this pack.

Rupees 598 plan:

This plan is for them who want a longer amount of validity and are ready to spend for it. The pack remains valid for 84 days and offers 1.5GB data per day with unlimited calling to different networks along with 100SMS per day. Access to Wynk music and Hello Tunes remain complimentary with this pack.

Rupees 698 plan:

If you are looking for more data per day then this plan is for you. With this plan, you will get 2GB data per day along with unlimited calling to different networks. The pack validity is 82 to 84 days and offers 100SMS per day.

Rupees 1498 plan:

If someone is looking for a yearly plan, then this one is for that person. The plan offers unlimited calling to other mobile networks along with a total of 24GB data. The pack validity is of 365 days and offers 3600 SMS with this pack. The pack is quite cost-effective but if someone wants to spend a lot of data daily then the pack will not be very suitable for him. However, with moderate data usage and unlimited calling the pack will prove to be perfect.

Rupees 2398 plan:

This is another yearly plan that offers high amounts of data usage to the user. This pack validity is also of 365 days and the user will get 1.5GB data per day. The calling benefits remain unlimited and 100SMS per day also comes under this plan. People who want to get done with recharging their phone for one and all for a year should opt for this plan.

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