Blogger Outreach: One of the best methods for guest posting

Blogger Outreach: One of the best methods for guest posting


Guest Posting is working on a blog or an article and publishing it on someone else’s website. Here, you get the backlink to your website and then that blog or article you write reaches a widespread audience.

But how else can you make it reach a wider audience? With the help of Blogger Outreach of course!

Now, what is blogger outreach?

Blogger outreach is the way of reaching out to the different bloggers and then maintaining a good relationship so that you can exchange each other’s blogs and links so as to promote the content, brand or the services. In fact, this blogger outreach service can get a lot more traffic and brand visibility than you hope. Here is how you can make the guest posting and bloggers outreach quite simple for you:

Join blogger’s network which is mainly for connecting with bloggers

There are a lot of different blogger networks where the bloggers in the post about their requirement of the guest posts and the sources of the particular topic. There are some websites where they send you the emails and they list out the bloggers who have posted for guest post requirements. If you can fit the bill of their requirement and they will send you an email posting the detailed requirements. If you can meet the requirements, then respond. You can use the method of blogger outreach or to the bloggers who are in the same niche. Remember to respond to those sites that have high domain authority and page authority. Nobody wants low quality links to their webpages.

You can submit direct content to websites

There are many websites on the internet which accept guest posts or guest articles. There are a few websites likeBuzz Feed, Huffington Post, Life Hack which all accept guest posts. There are a few guidelines which they follow and expect all its writers to follow too. There are a lot of people who allow you to post one backlink in the bio of the author which is you. Otherwise, you can search all those websites where they accept the guest posts by searching with appropriate keywords such as niche specific, guest post, write for us, etc.  This method takes a lot of time and patience because not everyone will accept your articles the moment you send them in for review. Keep viewing different websites and blogs and you can surely bag a chance.

Furthermore, you can ask people or hire them to do the backlinking and the other SEO services if you are still learning them. There are a lot of people who provide guest post services too so that they can help your blog or website rank higher than the site in search engines.

Mention famous authors or bloggers on your blog

Well, this is a very easy way to connect with other authors or famous bloggers. Whenever you are writing a blog on a viral topic, you need to try to find those authors who have similar content in the same niche or someone who has posted content on the same topic. You can link their blog on your blog and when they get to know you have mentioned them, they will surely share your blog too. If they like the way you are bringing something to the table, they might contact you for future tags too. Thus, try and learn how to mention an influencer and tag them in your blog posts.

Help the reporters by being their source

You have websites like HARO query and source bottle where you can create your login and can check the lists of reporters and the bloggers who ask for help and are in need of sources. If you know how to work on them, you can respond to them by saying you will work for their content. Again, you can respond to them by looking at their Domain authority and page authority. Do not submit your sources to the low quality blogs even if they pay you.

Write for us’ as a guest author

There are a few websites which do allow you to be the guest authors and for a certain time. There might be some conditions like writing a certain number of articles every month. You can write for these websites and you have to write something related to the category of your category. To be the guest author, there might be a few conditions and hence choose your own category wisely. Hence, you can provide a few links to the best articles.


Hence, you can try all these tricks so that your backlinks can increase and do check the link quality and the blog so keep your patience and wait for the right opportunity so that it doesn’t backfire at all. Also, blogger outreach service from good company hikes the performance of your blogs.


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