Changing Career Paths After the Pandemic

Changing Career Paths After the Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the way we live our lives. Not only has it created a huge amount of uncertainty with the economy but it has also led to a rising number of workers considering a change of career. Unemployment numbers are rising and many those furloughed are using their time to reconsider their work, some prompted by concerns of their position’s security.

A recent PeopleCert poll found that twenty-five per cent of professionals surveyed would like to change career and a further eighty per cent hope to do so within the next five years. While some do maintain a healthy passion for the work they perform, it seems that a greater number are reconsidering the security of their position to pursue a new sector, one that is potentially more fulfilling than their current job.

A Necessary Change

Some sectors, such as the travel industry, have dramatically shrunk this year due to the massive restrictions placed upon transportation and tourism. Due to the occurrence of second spikes among other factors, the travel industry is predicted to have a very slow recovery. This forces many of those working within the sector to look elsewhere for new a new position as those left become increasingly sought after.

Other workers have found themselves made redundant, losing their position as companies downsize their staff. While it is never easy to recover from such a shock, it may be a blessing, prompting you to finally take the chance to shift your work elsewhere or begin interviewing for your dream role.

A Flexible Change

Some workers are taking their skills and business expertise into independence, using the time to build their own company or seeking out contracts. While potentially risking, there is now a significant amount of support for freelance and contract workers to begin a more flexible work schedule, such as umbrella payroll from People Group Services.

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This is an appealing option for many as it allows for a versatile working environment and, often, the ability to work remotely or to relocate, which matches the growing demand for homes outside of a city. The current lockdowns and remote working situations serve as a great opportunity to begin seeking out new clients and contracts from home too, working around your current schedule.

An Inspired Change

The pandemic has already taught us many things, from the value of cloud-based computing to a great sourdough bread recipe. While some industries are struggling to adapt to changing circumstances, others have been thrust into popularity and, along with them, are newly inspired workers and entrepreneurs that have ideas to pursue.

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The pandemic could easily be an opportunity for you to pursue the business concept you had always dreamed about, something that would now be in greater demand during a market of new values. Or, you may have discovered that you have a knack for teaching fitness classes online and that now is the perfect time to turn a hobby into a career.


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