Choosing the Best Microgrid Modeling Software

Choosing the Best Microgrid Modeling Software


Microgrid modeling software allows the exchange of energy between prosumers. The microgrid modeling software examines and visualizes energy usage and effectiveness of energy usage in the microgrid community, providing a simple operation to ensure each household is part of the microgrid system.

The microgrid modeling software brings an immediate productivity gain by reducing to a minimum the amount of manual work required at each step in a microgrid operation. As a microgrid needs identified electrical boundaries, it is now possible to define a Microgrid Zone using microgrid modeling software.

The IEEE Standard for the Specific Microgrid Controllers defines Microgrid modeling and analysis as a system of grid-connected or isolated microgrids.

Optimization, Simulation and Sensitivity Analysis of Microgrid Modelling Systems

An ideal microgrid modeling software provides a detailed, timely optimization and simulation in a model that is easy and simple to use. It is adaptable to a wide range of projects. For a large community, a power system can model economic and technical factors involved in the power setup. A good microgrid system should provide an important overview that compares the feasibility of configurations and the cost, and this is where specialized software comes into play.

Capabilities of a great microgrid modeling system

  • Detailed modeling of grid-forming DERs such as isochronous and droop control modes, considering their operational and physical limits.
  • A customizable load shedding and the curtailing algorithm are embedded into the power flow solver for islanded simulations where the load offsets the available generation of power.
  • The ability to perform unbalanced power flows, time-series simulations, short circuit analysis for islanded and grid-connected microgrids.

Benefits of choosing the best microgrid modeling software

  • Helps customers in the fast-growing microgrid and distributed energy market maximize energy efficiency.
  • Optimize EV charging stations.
  • Stack values to increase return on investment.
  • Allows for exploration of combined power and heat.
  • Reduce carbon emissions.
  • Maximize savings on power consumption
  • Accelerate the adoption of renewable and distributed energy sources.


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