Dan DeKoter Fights for Justice for all Types of Personal Injury

Dan DeKoter Fights for Justice for all Types of Personal Injury


Personal Injury is a civil litigation that includes any sort of hurt inflicted upon any person by his/her employer, at the place of work and during the time of work. This injury can be either physical or psychological and does not necessarily have to be claimed by the victim, any related person of the inflicted can do so on his/her behalf. Dan DeKoter is one of the best attorneys you can have for cases of personal injury, such as accident, an insult, or even a defective product of use.

A lot of times people do not even realize that a particularly offensive incident could be a case of personal injury for which they are eligible to claim compensation. However, the presence of this kind of a law is not entirely to the advantage of the one on the receiving end, which is employee; and therefore no one should try to design a false case and extract compensation from the employer. In order to make sure that this does happen, the victim need to provide enough evidence that the incident took place within the premises of the work place and during the working hours.

A personal injury is mostly the result of negligence, it is not specific to a place of work alone, and a tenant can file a case of personal injury against the landlord, if any kind of injury is caused to the person of the tenant because of some neglect to the property on rent by the landlord. As a matter of fact, an accident while in a traffic could also be considered a case of personal injury. The injury inflicted on a person can range from a minor hurt to a fatal thing, and the compensation would entail with it both the medical as well as financial aid to the victim.

Dan DeKoter the attorney from DeKoter, Thole & Dawson PLC, and an assistant for charity to needy people in Osceola County, is an adept in handling all kinds of personal injury cases; even as trivial an issue as a dog bite of a neighbor due to the negligence of the dog’s owner can be filed as a case of personal injury is dealt with absolutely efficiently by him.

Hurting anyone intentionally which affects his mental stability and hits him psychologically, can be appealed to as a personal injury case. An individual may be rebuked in public which can cause him distress, and if it does hurt really deep then it could even lead to trauma and seriously affect the physical health of the concerned person. Assuming the kind of grave impact it may have on the life of an individual, an injury to the psychology of a person is also categorized under the personal injury litigation.

So, whether you are travelling, at home or in your workplace, you need to be alert at all times, to ensure that neither do you inflict any kind of personal injury on anyone, or yourself become the victim to anything of that kind.


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