Douglas Newton BIO and role with CC Capital – a businessman at par excellence

Douglas Newton BIO and role with CC Capital – a businessman at par excellence


Regardless, similar to the remainder of the social occasion, Douglas Newton, as CFO, is likewise a CC Capital part, at any rate more by and large, he was the CFO of CF Corporation, the SPAC. So Mr. Newton brings SPAC experience to the table besides. Charles Kantor, then again, addresses the Neuberger Berman side of the condition, and is right now a Managing Director at Neuberger Berman in the wake of joining the firm in 2000. Additionally, Mr. Kantor is the originator and Senior Portfolio Manager of the Kantor Group, which coordinates over $5 billion of critical worth and fixed remuneration protections for institutional and high complete assets budgetary aces.

Collier creek is a recently consolidated unlimited free pass organization joined as a Cayman Islands absolved organization to impact a merger, share trade, resource securing, share buy, revamping or comparative business mix with at least one organizations, which we allude to as our underlying business blend. We have not chosen any business mix target and we have not, nor has anybody for our benefit, occupied with any considerable conversations, legitimately or in a roundabout way, with any business blend focus regarding an underlying business mix with us. While we may seek after a business mix in any industry or part, we mean to center our quest for a business that would profit by our organizers’ and supervisory crew’s understanding and capacity to recognize, get and deal with a business in the budgetary, innovation and business administrations areas. Call Douglas Newton now.

Collier creek made an unexpected record Friday evening for a $300 million IPO. Collier creek is being co-supported by Chinh Chu’s CC Capital and Collier creek’s Opportunistic Capital Solutions Master Fund LP (“NBOKS”). It will ideal to consult with Mr newton about your inquiry. One can feel free to join now.

Douglas Newton – a ideal man behind spac

Consult with Douglas Newton. Thusly, the name “Collier creek”. Regardless, on the off chance that you read the structure, CC Capital andCollier creek have “went into a methodology whereby they have consented to co-reinforce a development of SPACs”. So this is the first, at any rate unquestionably not the last we’ll see from Collier creek.


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