How Cold Storage Warehouse Will Help You?

How Cold Storage Warehouse Will Help You?


Did you know now without adding any precipitate, it is possible to provide fresh, perishable foods, and other products from one side of the world to the other? Yes, the new technologies have made it possible! The refrigerated storage in Houston is available now, which helps keep your bulk product cool, and prevents it from decaying or not following the rules and regulations that apply to that item.

How Cold Storage Warehouse Help you?

The cold storage warehouse industries like Houston Refrigerated Logistics, Inc. will help you in keeping your produce cool in five different ways.

  1. To fit most refrigeration storage needs, they will have multiple temperature storage.
  2. Offer Port drayage services and pickup/delivery
  3. Offer cross dock services
  4. Full line of services for produce industry. Repack, Regrade and Quality Assurance Inspection
  5. Full line of services including D-pack, C-pack and Poly/Mesh bagging

How Cold Storage Warehouse Works?

As you know, in taking perishable food that is kept in under wrong temperature leads to changes in flavor, texture, and color, and end up getting food poisoning. In order to avoid this, cold storage warehouse industries are here! With their help, you can keep your food or other products at a set temperature that needs, and keeps them fresh and makes them last longer.

Types of Products That You Can keep In a Cold Storage Warehouse

1 Medicine:

Some special medicines like insulins, antibiotic liquids, eye drops, blood samples and more must be stored between 2ºC and 8ºC.  For this, you can seek the help of warehouse of refrigerated storage in Houston.

2 Cologne

The oil concentration in cologne will be around 2 to 4 percent. Only if you store cologne in the cold storage warehouse you can keep its scent for a longer period.

3 Lipstick

To ensure the long life of the lipstick, and stay in better condition, it should be stored the warehouse.  So, if you are the dealer of cosmetic like lipstick, it is essential to store your product at the produce storage in Houston.

4 Plants

Did you know if you store the plants seed in a cold storage warehouse it last longer than usual? Yes, plants seeds do well in cold storage! Also, to keep your plants, bouquet fresh and healthy, you can make use of this cold storage warehouse.

 The Bottom Line

Are you looking for a leading of complete refrigerated storage solutions? Look no future than Houston Refrigerated Logistics, Inc.! As a Primus GFS certified company, they specialize in storing refrigerated products.


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