How Employment Background Screening Services Enhance the Hiring Process

How Employment Background Screening Services Enhance the Hiring Process


Hiring a new employee is a significant investment in your organization. The right hire can protect your reputation, client relations, and brand.

Comprehensive employment background checks can help you hire the best candidates possible. They can verify information in applications such as criminal records, educational background, credit reports, and motor vehicle checks.

Accurate Information

A bad hire can significantly impact your organization, from wasting time and money to damaging team morale. Comprehensive background checks can help you avoid hiring someone with a criminal record or a history of dishonesty that could hurt your business.

Using a global background screening service that offers an online experience can also improve the candidate experience and make it easier for you to communicate results with candidates. Gone are the days of trailing paper and faxes; most companies offer online portals that you can access to submit background checks and receive results in a timely fashion.

57% of survey respondents globally reported that a higher quality of hire was a key benefit they experienced from conducting background checks. This was followed by improved regulatory compliance and, safety and security.

Increased Efficiency

Technology companies often require their employees to be highly skilled, and they can’t afford to lose a valuable employee due to an incorrect background check. Advanced technology, such as biometric identity verification and robotic process automation, helps speed the screening process.

Many candidates falsify information on their applications, including presenting false documents like driver’s licenses, degrees, and professional licenses. Thorough pre-employment checks ensure that the person you hire fits your organization properly.

A good background screening partner can save you time and money by conducting a wide range of checks simultaneously. This includes criminal, civil, financial, drug testing, driving record checks, and more. Working with a single company to do all these checks simultaneously can save your business significant costs and help you hire faster.

Reduced Risk

Performing pre-employment background checks helps filter out applicants who exaggerate their skills or have something to hide. It also helps to deter bad candidates, which saves time by allowing HR teams to focus on interviewing qualified, suitable candidates.

It is essential to stay current with current background screening laws. Choose a background screening provider who is an expert in compliance and can guide your organization toward the proper background check packages to meet your company policy and regulatory requirements. Additionally, ensure that the vendor offers customer support through phone, email, or live chat and has ATS integration capabilities to speed up your process.

Increased Reputation

As the hiring process evolves, companies must remain flexible and adapt to changing rules, regulations, laws, and best practices. An effective background screening program can help employers make better hiring decisions, mitigate risks, and maintain a safe and productive workplace.

Background checks can also verify candidates’ personal information, such as their education, job title, and previous experience. This helps to protect the company’s reputation by ensuring that its employees are truthful in their application and delivering on their promises.

Screening services can also identify scams, fraudulent applications, and irrational credit behavior by checking candidates’ credit reports. They can also be used to check for motor vehicle records and a range of other data that may affect the safety and integrity of a workplace.

Reduced Turnover

When employees leave the company, replacing them costs time and money. It also can cause productivity to dip, and the training you’ve invested in can walk out your door. Background checks and assessments can help reduce unwanted turnover by ensuring that you’re hiring candidates with the right skills and experience for the job.

Worldwide, companies using advanced employment background screenings are seeing multiple benefits. Two of the most commonly cited benefits are a better quality of hire and more consistent safety and security.

To maximize the benefits of your employment screenings, ensure you use an advanced screening provider specializing in comprehensive research and verification services. This type of provider will be able to offer you the best results at the most affordable price.


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