How To Avoid Extra Fees When Your Lease Ends

How To Avoid Extra Fees When Your Lease Ends


Nearly everyone who has ever rented an apartment has faced some sort of fees when deciding to leave a particular unit to move elsewhere. Landlords are looking to make an income as much as everyone else, but some of these fees are unexpected and frankly frustrating. Give yourself a free refund with these money-saving tips.

Give Notice of Move-out Well In Advance

The majority of landlords require at least 30 days notice before you can leave, and sometimes up to 90 days. This is outlined in your lease terms, and though it is sometimes buried, it pays to know how to understand this document before you try to make changes. There are many reasons why you might need to move out suddenly, but by letting your landlord know as soon as possible, you can avoid least some of the fees.

Read the Lease for Any Contingency Fees

Some lease documents are only one or two pages, but some feel like you need a legal or banking expert to review them so you know what all the fees might include. Fees for failing to report maintenance concerns, parking your car in certain areas or not disposing of furniture properly when you move out are common reasons landlords might add extra fees to your bill.

Take Care of Damages Before Leaving

It’s pretty rare that renters receive their entire security deposit back. If there are any repairs or cleaning that need to be taken care of after you leave, you should expect to see high rates applied against your deposit. You can usually save some money by either reporting such issues to maintenance or doing a little cleaning yourself, even if you never see the complete deposit ever again.

It’s frustrating when an already stressful move is complicated with fees. Planning ahead and putting in a little extra work are key ways to avoid wasting your money.


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