How to pick the best car insurance

How to pick the best car insurance


With increasing traffic and random weather and human-related threats to your vehicle, not buying car insurance is not an option these days. An unfortunate event can happen at any time and hit a dramatic blow to your finances. This is where car insurance lends a helping hand by taking care of the repair bills. Some insurance types can help you in dealing with injury bills, thefts, legal hassles, etc. With many governments mandating insurance for any vehicle running on the roads, people are increasingly investing in this. You can buy car insurance with comprehensive cover, collision cover, or third-party cover, based on your needs. People often find it difficult to pick the right kind of car insurance plan. However, many online portals offer easy comparison tools to help you make an informed and pragmatic decision. Here are some factors you should consider while putting your money on an insurance plan for your car.


Your personal needs, constraints, and the type of vehicle place a noteworthy role in narrowing your choice to the right car insurance plan.


It is the most important aspect of any investment you decide to make. You have to select the plan that is within your budget. Make sure you have a clear idea about the cost of the insurance plan, premiums you will be paying, and deductibles. Also, consider the price of the same policy from different providers to get the most cost-effective deal.


The cost of insurance also differs from location to location. The state rules and regulations play an important role in determining the cost. Also, if you live in an area with uneven terrains, you are more prone to accidents and may have to pay more for insurance.


Young boys are generally perceived as rash drivers and statistically fall prey to accidents more often. For that reason, car insurance for youngsters may be more expensive. Compare different insurers for a better deal.

Model, make, and size of the vehicle

Cars from some companies and models are known to have better safety features and can withstand accidents. These factors can potentially affect insurance costs. Also, have different insurance needs, for instance, you may need more add-ons for a car that has lesser safety features. Make sure you get the right deal according to your car.

Things to look for in the providers

When you are deciding to get the right insurance plan for your car, it is important to ensure that you are in with the right insurer. This determines the experience you are going to have for the long-term.

Customer services

Choose a provider who provides prompt customer services and has polite and understanding staff. They should have enough people to address the calls from their clients.

Flexible options and add-on services

You do not have to buy the fixed plans explained by your provider. There is enough flexibility to choose the features you want to include and exclude from your customized plan.

Service distribution

You should ensure that the insurer you are choosing to buy the plan for your car provides a smooth distribution of services. Ideally, insurers provide 24/7 services.

Garage network

Make sure that your insurer has a well-equipped garage network to serve your needs. Look for cashless payments to a networked garage and ensure your bills are paid without any hassle.


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