How To Select the Best Large Format Printing Machine

How To Select the Best Large Format Printing Machine


People indeed enjoy viewing most of their photos online. But, it’s undeniable that prints are out of the market. Physical copies are still as popular as they were decades ago. People want to have physical photos of their families, wedding events, and artistic shots taken with cameras with high-resolutions. To acquire such beautiful photos, Large Format Printing Denver services are required. Small printing machines can’t handle such work as they are designed for small printing tasks. To select devices to manage large format printing services, below are factors to consider.

Printing priorities

Before you decide the type of printer to purchase, assess your printing priorities. Is this your first time using a large format printer? Do you have the skills to handle such a printer? These questions will help determine whether you have what is required to deliver quality printing services.

If it’s your first time buying a large format printer, either because you are starting a printing business, it’s necessary to go for the best quality that is efficient and easy to use. If your current printer is outdated, you can as well opt to upgrade it. Choose a more improved printer with the latest technology. It will help improve your production and output quality.

Printing requirements

Different types of printers come with varying sizes and quality of services. Wide-format printer models have particular capabilities which differ depending on the manufacturer. The common wide-format printing categories you will encounter include; fine art, textile, photography, vehicle stickers, vinyl banners, indoor signage, mural, and other wall coverings. It would be essential to talk to your printer provider to help you choose the right printer with your specific printing requirements.

Printing material

Determine the types of materials you intend to print. Printing machines have specific materials they can print. Inquiring from your salesperson and other reputable sources will be vital for you not to make a mistake. Once you know the exact type of materials to print, you can narrow down your choices making your selection process easy. Now, search for the printer with the best ink but if you aren’t conversant with the most suitable ones, ask for available options. It is best to understand that wide-format printers can print on various surfaces ranging from fabrics, plastics, wood, acrylic, metals aside from tarpaulins and papers.

Printing speed

The printing speed is another vital factor you need not ignore. It’s vital, especially for individuals dealing with significant workloads. Some printers have faster printing than others. The difference is their prices. The faster ones are more expensive. You need to stretch your budget if you intend to purchase a printer with a high-volume printing capacity at high speeds.

Printer placement

Wide-format printers are massive compared to desktop printers. They are designed for production purposes and need a larger space where they can stand on the floor. However, it depends on the size of the printer of your choice since there are smaller ones that don’t need large placement areas.

Some of these printers release volatile organic compounds during the printing process. The VOCs could be potentially hazardous if the printer is placed inside an overcrowded office. Therefore, before you purchase such a machine, consider your space which will be good for its efficiency and safety of your staff.


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