Managed IT Services: What It Is and How Your Company Can Benefit

Managed IT Services: What It Is and How Your Company Can Benefit


Businesses run on technology, and that technology needs to be at its best to serve a company comprehensively. From hardware to software, any technology not working to its full capacity is costing a company money. Unfortunately, companies do not always have the expertise on staff to keep their IT up to par.

Managed IT services Anchorage AK is an excellent solution for this problem. Outsourcing IT means your company benefits from the knowledge and experience of experts without sacrificing time that you or your employees could spend on other essential tasks.

What Does Managed IT Services Include?

Different managed service providers (MSPs) will provide varied services according to their expertise. However, some of the most common offerings include addressing the following:

  • Networks and infrastructure — establishing and maintaining WAPs and LAN, backup, and storage options
  • Security — varies according to company needs but includes malware protection and BDR solutions
  • Print services — assistance with file management
  • Cloud infrastructure — including apps, software, storage, operating systems, and more
  • Wireless and mobile computing — provides wireless connections for businesses that do not have their own
  • Communication services — assistance in setting up and maintaining data, video, messaging software, and more
  • Support services — from simple troubleshooting to more advanced technical difficulties
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) — the types of software can range from Office 365 to anti-virus software.

Benefits of Utilizing Managed IT Services

Managed IT services offer a lot of benefits, just a few of which are below.

Targeted Time

As there are only so many hours in the day to work on your business, you must put your time in the right place. Outsourcing your IT to experts means that you can spend your time focusing on the core of your business.

Lower Labor Costs

Managed IT services cost less than hiring and maintaining a full-time IT staff. Even if you have some experts on your team, you can use managed IT to help fill in any gaps instead of adding another employee to the payroll.

Increased Productivity

Downtime due to technical issues is a common problem that can cost companies millions every year. Managed IT services can lead to less downtime and improved employee productivity.

Compliance and Security

Managed IT services ensure that your data and systems are as secure as possible, reducing the risk of data breaches and other unwanted issues. MSPs also make sure that your systems fully comply with PCI regulations.


Managed IT services can help improve your systems, daily operations, and overall company productivity. Consider reaching out to an MSP today to learn more about how you and your company can soar to new heights by outsourcing your IT services.



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