5 Ideas to Upgrade Online Jewellery Marketing Skills

5 Ideas to Upgrade Online Jewellery Marketing Skills


It is not just sales that jewellery selling websites like pearlsonly.com need to look into. Sales stagnate after some time and marketing strategies need to be revamped from time to time to ensure a website retains and ups its sales figures.

Some unique ideas which sound practical and doable and which also help to gain extra profits are:

  • Name recognition creation 

As the title suggests, an online jewellery website needs to have a professionally designed and attractive logo for 2 very important reasons like:

  • It created professional trustworthiness and
  • It creates name recognition or branding.

Putting this logo onto different promotional items and platforms helps create brand awareness and name recognition.

  • High-resolution photography 

On a website people are not able to physically see the design. Thus it is important for the website store owners to use high-resolution photography and create photos of extremely high quality. These when displayed are much more attractive and precise to look at and are also able to minutely show-off the intricately carved designs.

  • Update online listings 

This should be done on a regular basis so that the name of the online jewellery website appears on all good search and review websites present. SEO techniques should also be used so that proper keywords can be used to divert web traffic to the concerned website.

  • Use lead-capture forms 

Not all web-visitors get converted into sales but they remain prospective buyers. Thus instead of just letting them come and go after browsing through an online jewellery store like Pearls Only,their details need to be captured using lead-capture forms. These leads can then be added to the database so that they can be kept abreast with the promotions, offers and deals that come up.

  • Respond fast 

Today the world is moving at a very fast pace and nobody wants to wait for ages to get an answer. Thus if enquiry emails, phone calls etc., are not immediately answered, it can result in the loss of the customer. Thus it is important for the website owners to get real time alerts for contact forms as well as prospect emails and respond to them quickly.

Strategies which are unique always help in a positive way and should be adopted by online jewellery website store owners to get better returns on their investment.


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