Productivity Tools For College Students in 2021

Productivity Tools For College Students in 2021


Being in college, projects, assignments, classes, meetings, part-time jobs, every day is a hustle. Nowadays, the educational system incorporates technology in every sphere. Whether it is teaching, studying, taking down notes, giving an exam, you would always observe every student carrying a laptop or a phone. From PDF to Word tools to websites that help you increase productivity, students are always hustling to find enough time.

The internet has come up with some excellent tools, which not only help you stay productive but teach you how to manage time efficiently. Here are some productivity tools for college students that will make your life easier without a doubt.

Mind Genius

College and immense workload go hand-in-hand. When attending lectures, it is crucial to keep your notebooks updated and note down whatever your lecturer is saying, and MindGenius takes that to a whole new level. This is completely free for the first 30-day trial period, and then you could pay a nominal fee to enjoy all the unique features which help you manage your overload of notes. It is user-friendly and convenient, and this mind-mapping tool is a student favorite.

Writing House

College students have to handle several research papers, assignments throughout their semesters. However, writing a bibliography for each of them separately can be a bit tedious. WritingHouse ensures you have nothing to worry about and can submit your well-researched paper in the correct format. They support MLA, Harvard, Chicago, APA, and these citations would be automatically uploaded, saving time and your nerves.


This is the best productivity tool which is available in both free and paid versions. A digital workspace that can be synched and is fully integrated, helping you take notes, manage files and tasks from various devices. You get to use the free templates available of class notes, grade calculator, calendar, and a lot more. You can even share it with different users by giving them access while doing a project together. Real-time collaboration is just a click away with Notion.

Cold Turkey

You are sitting at the library, ready to open your books and do an hour of effective study, but one notification from your phone and you are now glued to the screen. If this seems familiar, the ColdTurkey is your best solution as it helps in blocking the unwanted distracting apps to help you stay determined. Not only block the unwanted apps, but it also provides you with a motivational quote and helps you concentrate. You could either use it for free or get a paid version with additional features.


Being a college student, you have to give presentations every other day. This tool helps you make fantastic presentations. You get to use custom-made presentation templates using elements that are unique. With this presentation tool, your idea becomes a lot more interactive. You do not have to invest anything as the basic version gives you a lot of features to use.

Convert PDF to Word using various tools available online without any hassle. Therefore, these are some of the known tools that college students should take advantage of in 2021 and the future.


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