Protecting Your Ranch: Why Ranch Insurance is Essential

Protecting Your Ranch: Why Ranch Insurance is Essential


If you operate a ranch, farm, or other agricultural business at your country home, you need specialized protection to safeguard against financial loss. Unlike homeowners insurance, ranch and farm insurance offers a variety of coverage options that protect the property and liability events.

Ensure your ranch and farm are adequately protected with a customized policy to suit your needs. A policy review can help identify coverage gaps that need to be addressed.

Coverage for Your Livestock

Farm and ranch owners have a unique set of risks that need protection. These risks can include property damage to buildings, crops, and other structures on the ranch, as well as liability claims from injuries to trespassers or others on the farm. A farm and ranch insurance policy can provide comprehensive coverage to safeguard your agribusiness.

These policies typically combine elements of homeowners and commercial property insurance with options specifically designed for a farm or ranch to protect it from the loss that could impact this type of business. The base policy can protect your dwelling, farm buildings such as barns and silos, and even farm machinery like tractors from a variety of losses, including fire, lightning, windstorms, hail, vandalism, and theft.

Various other optional coverages can also be added to this policy, including farm equipment breakdown, crop spoilage coverage, livestock bodily injury coverage, and peak season coverage to help provide you with the complete range you need.

Coverage for Your Property

Whether you have a small family farm or a large commercial agricultural operation, safeguarding your property is vital. Your buildings, equipment, and crops are vulnerable to natural disasters, extreme weather, fire, theft, and vandalism. A comprehensive ranch and farm insurance policy can help you protect your business from financial loss.

A ranch or farm insurance policy provides a combination of homeowner’s coverage and business insurance in one package. Typically, these policies are customizable so that they can address the unique property and liability needs of a farm or ranch.

For example, a ranch and farm policy may include property protection for sheds, barns, and other structures critical to your operations. And it will provide additional protection for mobile equipment used for maintenance. It may also offer crime protection to cover expenses for damage caused by criminal activity. It’s important to discuss your specific property and liability needs with a knowledgeable agent.

Coverage for Your Liability

As farmers and ranchers take on more commercial aspects of their business, they move away from the protections that a homeowners policy can offer. A case in point: a faulty batch of jam sold at a farmer’s market or an accident involving a horseback rider on your property could lead to a liability claim.

To protect your farm or ranch from liability claims, you can add a personal liability policy to your farm and ranch insurance. An excess liability policy, which increases the payout limits of your underlying policies, may also be worth considering, depending on your unique risks.

A farm and ranch policy can also protect the equipment you need to operate your business, such as tractors, combines, hay balers, cotton strippers, and other machinery. In addition to protecting your equipment from damage, this coverage can help you recover losses for farm earnings, additional living expenses, or rental income if a covered peril damages your equipment.

Coverage for Your Equipment

When you have vehicles like agricultural trucks or livestock trailers on your property, you need specialized protection. A ranch policy can provide you with a combination of coverage options designed to meet your needs, including comprehensive and collision coverage for these vehicles.

A ranch policy can also cover things like equipment breakdown coverage, personal property replacement coverage for items in storage, peak season coverage for periods when you are storing higher quantities of items, and even animal collision coverage that will pay out in the event of your animals being hit by a vehicle on your property.

In addition to providing valuable property and liability protection, a ranch policy can offer additional features like identity fraud expense coverage and sewer backup coverage for your home.


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