Some drawbacks of being a company secretary in a firm

Some drawbacks of being a company secretary in a firm


A company secretary job is highly paid and gained great reputed working environment compared to other professional jobs. You know in the current corporate world, every professional is stuck up with huge stress and unable to manage work balance personally. Among many professional works, this secretary job is somehow a stress-free job. If you are an experienced secretary, then it is much easy for you to handle the administrative works of your company. So, choosing the right secretary services like Singapore company incorporation is very important for business magnets.

Let’s see some drawbacks of this secretary role:

  • Even though it is a highly paid job designation when comes to experienced secretaries who came from reputed companies like Singapore company incorporation. But it is not highly paid to freshers compared to all other jobs that are highly stressful. Whatever the reason people who are newcomers couldn’t have the scope to expect much higher payment even from the reputed companies? This is a major drawback while choosing secretary jobs.
  • You can see most women in this job category role. It is such a traditional job and of course, this role has to deal with lots of companies, higher authorities, capable to make crucial decisions like that. Most of the companies do prefer women as the priority compared to men as women can accept this kind of role where men couldn’t. Due to the comfortable and, stress-free 9 to 5 job, people feel bore sometimes and especially men can’t reside with this job flexibly.
  • Here there is a myth that most of the women who prefer this job have to travel long distances with their senior officials and it may cause some image problems with this job role. Especially females feel this is not the right platform for those who come from orthodox family backgrounds and avoid applying to this kind of reputed secretary position.
  • It is a routine daily basis job where you have to fix out some crucial programs and routines daily to work out your job done. It is a complete routine process but here the contracts are challenging but your work is just to monitor and if possible giving some suggestions to the company that favors your reputation. Apart from it, it is entirely a routine job where you don’t find any kind of career growth with the years passing by.
  • No need to depend on preparing documentation works and simply update the information either it is legal documents or whatever it is, you simply update in your system. So, there is no scope for finding manual errors. Here as well you don’t have much work as the software is automated and updated regularly.


Of course, there are drawbacks to this job role. But if you are creative to work differently with the evolved technology, you can shine upon your work, and automatically growth has been taken place with time. It is up to you being a job seeker to overcome the drawbacks and establish your skills to work more creatively.


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