Steve Sorensen Select Staffing – 3 Key Investment Schemes Retirees Should Consider To Supplement The Income From Pensions

Steve Sorensen Select Staffing – 3 Key Investment Schemes Retirees Should Consider To Supplement The Income From Pensions


Most people look forward to retirement in their later years. In this phase of their lives, they can spend quality time with their family and grandchildren. Many of them even travel to foreign countries for their holidays or buy a property. Nevertheless, these retirees have to take important decisions regarding how they are going to maintain their livelihood. They should consider earning a stable return by investing their money in lucrative investment schemes. Taking this step enables them to supplement the income from their pensions successfully.

Steve Sorensen Select Staffing – How can retirees supplement the income from their pensions?

Utah can boost of many experts in the staffing industry. Nevertheless, many of them cannot match the fame and popularity of Steven Sorensen. He has been holding the office of Principal in Esperer Holdings, LLC from 2012. This Chicago University graduate is also the owner of Butler America and former CEO of Select Staffing. Both of these companies have been instrumental in helping people secure jobs of their choice. The officials of these businesses acknowledge his acumen, skills, and expertise in enhancing the companies’ fortunes. Apart from this, he has held the positions of President in Mark Twain Bank. He specializes in fields such as sales, business management, and identifying unique talents in individuals.

Experts from Steve Sorensen Select Staffing explain that it is possible for retirees to increase their present income. For this, they need to invest in their money in suitable investment schemes. In doing so, they do not need to incur unnecessary risks. The professionals point out the following three options they can avail:

  1. Bonds

Many retirees may be familiar with bonds. It represents a legally-binding debt where the creditors owe them money in the form of interest. They could consider buying such investment schemes for a reasonable price. Many profit-generating companies and government agencies offer such investment options to the public. These policies are generally safe and generate moderate returns. Nevertheless, this money can help retirees to increase their monthly income.

  1. Company stocks

Retirees may opt to invest their money in stocks of a company. In such a case, they become the owners of the business. They can expect to earn dividends only when the corporate enterprise generates adequate profits. However, before investing in company stocks, individuals should conduct research about the background of the business so that they do not suffer losses in the future.

  1. Real Estate Investment Trusts

Many retirees may show interest in investing their money in real estate properties. There are many reliable real estate investment trusts in the market that help them. These companies purchase, manage, and even sell all kinds of commercial and residential properties. Individuals should consult experts dealing in real estate investment trusts for additional guidance and information.

Experts from Select Staffing point out that retirees should not depend entirely on their pensions. There are ways in which they can supplement their income to maintain their standard of living. They can invest in company stocks, bonds, or real estate investment trusts. Nevertheless, whatever option these retirees choose, they should always read the scheme document thoroughly. Taking this step ensures they do not end up incurring unnecessary risks and losses in the future.


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