The Best Internet Speed Testing Tools

The Best Internet Speed Testing Tools


Internet providers worldwide often brag about lightning-fast internet speeds in their advertisements and consumer-facing broadcasts. It does not matter if you are signing up for fiber-optic service or just an ordinary Wi-Fi, chances are your internet provider will make false claims about ping, consistency, upload, and download speeds.

So, once you sign a contract for your new internet service, the first thing you should do is run an internet speed test online. If you are not sure about internet speed testing tools, here are some of the best ones you can easily find online to check the speed of your new internet connection:

Online Speedtest by Ookla

Ookla—the original provider of free online speed tests—lets users benefit from its free speed testing tool with just a click of a single button. Plus, it gives users the most unbiased information regarding real-time internet speeds.

You can get the app for both your smart device and your desktop. All you have to do is click the “Go!” button and find out upload and download speedsas well as provide information about the ping rate.


SpeedOf.Me is a well-known web-based internet speed testing toolthat works well with most operating systems and can easily be optimized for mobile devices.Once you run the speed test, it gives you a mountain of useful information about your internet service. For example, it helps you find out the time of day when your internet connection performs at its maximum potential.


SpeedSmart is anotheruseful option for checking your internet speed. When you visit the site, it will instantly estimate your location through your IP address. SpeedSmart gives accurate information about upload/download speeds andping rate of your internet connection. If you are trying to perform a deep analysis of your internet service, you may find ping information pretty valuable.


Meteor is a very handy internet speed testing app by OpenSignal and is available on both Android and iOS. It lets you check upload and download speeds and provides room for a ping test too. The best thing about Meteor is that it has overwhelmingly good reviews.

You can not only check the quality of your internet speeds via Meteor but also determine if video streaming speeds are satisfactory or not.

Speed Check & WiFi Finder

Another great option is Speed Check & Wi-Fi finder by SpeedSpot. This apps provides you all the basic information you need without a doubt. Just like other apps, it displays upload and download speeds you are getting but what makes it unique is the feature to save information for later reference.

Internet Health Test

Internet Health Test is a unique speed testing tool which is quite simple to use. As soon as you visit the site, a pop-up will ask you when you would like to begin. Whenever you will the green signal, Internet Health Test will kick off its five-step process to inspect your internet connection. The only downside is that it takes a little longer than others to give the results. But it compensates it well with five different tests and an ad-free user experience.

If you are looking for a simple yet effective speed test, is surely your best bet. It lets you check upload and download speeds and then benchmark it with your city’s average.

Another good thing is its self-explanatory process for getting started and it also gives a progress bar for the test, which is always a plus.

Bottom Line

We hope these speed testing tools help you determine the exact speed and quality of your internet connection.

If the speed test results clearly indicate that your provider is not delivering the promised speeds as per the contract, we would suggest you give a call to your provider’s customer service. For example, Wave customer service is well known for instantly answering all your concerns—all you have to do is give a call and discuss your speed issues. If the problem would be at your provider’s end, they will fix it at their earliest.

However, it is also important that before signing up for an internet provider, you collect reviews about customer satisfaction from people availing their services in your neighborhood.


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