The Qualities of a Good Leader

The Qualities of a Good Leader


There are certain essential qualities that every leader must-have. Eleanor Roosevelt expressed it succinctly, “A good leader inspires people to trust their leader; a great leader inspires people to trust themselves.” Being a leader is not an easy task. Having to manage a team through thick and thin, with different personalities, and without losing control is a feat, which is why studies reveal that there are innate leaders who are born with that quality. However, what makes them great leaders in the formation and training of special skills to manage intellectual capital and talent. Here are some important qualities that every leader must possess:

Good Communicators

A good leader has an innate power of speech, that is, a person who constantly communicates with the entire team makes himself understood, who speaks with an appropriate and tone of voice, but with authority, strength and enthusiasm, without altering his personality, and respecting the opinion of the other. Communication is the vehicle to giving information and obtaining feedback, to expressing and listening to various points of view, and attitudes; to give and receive encouragement and direction. It is an indispensable skill for business leaders.

Having Empathy

Empathy is about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, and if good leaders want to understand each member of their team, they must develop this skill. It is put into practice by listening, without judging the person, just by understanding the situation and providing the support they need.

Responsibility and Commitment

Responsibility is a characteristic that every person must have; if you commit to doing an activity you have the responsibility to do it. It’s that simple. As a leader, everything you transmit to your team must be put into practice by yourself first. For example: if you ask the team for a greater effort, the first one to make an effort is you, only then will you get the team to commit, and gain the credibility you need for the team to increase its level of effort.

Strategic Vision

Every leader must have intuition and creativity that allows him to consider strategies to achieve greater growth, plan long-term goals and ensure that the entire team works towards achieving it. To do this, having a common vision shared with the team supports the leader’s strategic vision.

Know How to Delegate

When the leader knows how to delegate, he transmits confidence to the team and this has a positive impact on the work environment. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain an open and flexible attitude, instilling in your team that they are leaders capable of adapting to any situation that arises, keeping an eye on achieving the objective.


Leadership and motivation go hand in hand. It is not only motivating the team, it is self-motivation, incentivizing the achievement of objectives, and encouraging the team in adverse situations.

Get to Know Each Other

For you to be able to handle, meet and understand other people, the main thing is that you know and regulate yourself, that you recognize your strengths and weaknesses. This will allow you to improve your social skills and relationships with other people. The key is to promote emotional intelligence, which will allow you to understand the other, motivate him and have empathy.


A good leader does not go to a group to impose his ideas and tries to make them follow him for having incredible ideas. No, the leader must use the power of words and persuasion to convince the other, arguing, seducing, convincing, and enriching their ideas with those of others.

Determined and Demanding

Just as the leader demands of his team, he must be just as demanding with himself. He must set an example. These values ​​should be instilled and integrated into the organizational culture. The only way to achieve excellent results is for everyone to be demanding about their work and interested in increasing their performance.


The leader must have solid values ​​and principles, and an unbreakable ethic. This striving for keeping with good values will ​​allow the leader to do a great job with the team; being seen as an example for the greater good of others.


Do you recognize any of the qualities described to be a good leader? If so, excellent, and if not, don’t worry, leaders are made, although some have innate qualities, if you don’t prepare, make an effort and cultivate those qualities, they won’t develop. The ball is in your court! Leadership coaches and consultants can teach people about leadership development and how to become a better leader.


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