The Top 5 Spots to Install Surveillance Cameras for Businesses

The Top 5 Spots to Install Surveillance Cameras for Businesses


Modern security measures such as CCTV cameras, digital locks and sensors have made it easy for you to secure your business premises. But, simply investing in those technologies is not enough to ensure optimal results. For instance, where you place a surveillance camera will determine just how effective it is. When it comes to installing security systems for your office, you need an expert’s guidance. Emergency Locksmith Brisbane is experienced Locksmiths in Brisbane that knows a thing or two about installing security systems for commercial properties.

Here’s their top 5 spots where you should install a surveillance camera for your business.

Best Spots to Install Security Cameras for Businesses

  1. The Entrance and Exit

This one’s pretty obvious. Installing security cameras at the entrance and exit will enable you to keep track of whoever enters and exits your premises. It might also aid in dissuading miscreants from causing trouble, as they know the cameras are watching and recording their every move.

  1. The Front desk/Reception Area

The reception is a high footfall area and so should be sufficiently covered. It is the first area that anyone who comes into your property encounters. Having a security camera installed there will help you keep a watchful eye on the traffic in your front area and will also help reassure visitors and employees that you’ve put security measures in place for their welfare.

  1. Warehouse/Supply Room

Theft or loss of goods/supplies is a big concern when you’re running a business. Your inventory can be a prime target. So, it makes sense to install one – or even two or three if needed – security cameras in your warehouse or storeroom.

  1. Customer Interaction Points

Depending on the type of business you own, you may have cash registers, teller stations and other customer interaction points. These are highly sensitive areas and must be monitored properly. Be sure to angle the camera in such a way as to clearly capture people’s faces. This means not placing the camera too high or in an unfavourable angle that captures the top of people’s heads rather than their faces.

  1. Secluded Areas

As a business owner, it is in your best interest to secure any secluded areas. This entails installing security cameras in parking lots, back alleys and other locations that tend to be isolated. You can also install motion activated light and floodlights to ensure the secluded areas don’t offer a safe haven for burglars looking to wait in the dark and jump on unsuspecting employees.

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