The Top Ways to Advertise a Business in Thailand


Thanks to funds coming in from tourism and lucrative trade deals with countries like China, Thailand has recently gone from being a beautiful, calm Southeast Asian nation to a hub of commerce, trade, and development. Paired with the gorgeous beaches, excellent cost of living, fantastic food and wonderful Thai hospitality, it’s no surprise that it has become a tempting choice for entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business.

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However, if you start a business in Thailand, marketing is vital to bringing in a steady stream of culture and achieving business success. Thailand has become a very crowded marketplace, so it’s important to get the right marketing strategies in place as early as possible to give your business an edge over the competition. Some of the best ways to market your business in Thailand include:

Exhibitions and Trade Shows

If you are offering business to business services in Thailand, then you’re probably already aware that meeting face-to-face and building good personal relationships is something that Thai business people see as important. Renting exhibition space at a trade show event is a great way to get started with doing this as it allows you to connect with people in person while showing off your products or services.


Adwords is the Google Search Engine advertising network that allows businesses to pay a premium per click for ads to appear first in relevant search results. Thailand has had a very strong, diverse ‘Google Ecosystem’ for a few years now, with data revealing that Thai users are more likely to click on and consider paid advertising compared to other countries. This is an ideal method for marketing your services if you are looking for conversions as quickly as possible and are prepared to pay a premium.

Social Media

Social media has taken Thailand by storm in the past few years – Bangkok, for example, makes the top of the list for cities with the most active Facebook users. Thai people like to use platforms like Facebook for anything and everything, from catching up with family and friends to getting daily news updates from public groups. Social media is a key factor in Thailand when it comes to browsing new businesses and finding products that spark an interest. Social media marketing is a must if you are starting a new business in Thailand as it allows you to target entire demographics who may be interested in what you have to offer.


Billboards are an old-fashioned method of marketing that is still very popular today, particularly in Thailand. You will find lots of companies displaying ads for their products and services around Bangkok and the rest of the nation, and most people are used to seeing advertisements as they make their way to school or work. Billboards are a good way to establish your brand’s credibility and get your brand name out there to the public. You can use both flat printed image billboards and large video screen billboards that can display anything from animated banners to TV-style ads.

How will you be marketing your business to the Thai public?


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