Top 3 Precious Metals Worth Investing In

Top 3 Precious Metals Worth Investing In


Everyone knows that investing in precious metals is a smart thing to do. Their price is high, they are virtually indestructible, and you can always count on them if you need to resell them and get your money back.

There are several precious metals out there. The most famous ones are silver, bronze, and gold. These were used in the Olympics thousands of years before. There’s nothing new in their use. What is new is that they now differ a lot when the value is in question.

In this article, we’re showing you the three most precious ones at the moment. These are the ones that are worth investing in. If you notice, in the list there’s no room for the all-time famous silver. Although it’s a highly famous one, we think it’s not worth investing in it.

Take a look at our suggestions and see why they are the best choice when it comes to investing in precious metals. Some of these might be amazing for you if you’re planning to make a safe investment.

1. Gold

There are several things to mind before investing in gold. You can read about it here if you’re planning to do this kind of investment. What is most important is to know why it is a great idea to invest in gold.

One reason is that gold’s price never drops. Look at charts for the last 200 years, and you’ll see that there’s not one case in which the price of gold has been down more than a year. It means that the only way these prices go is up.

Another reason to invest in it is that gold is easy to store and it’s hard to be destroyed. With a melting point of over 1,000 degrees Celsius, this is a metal that won’t be burned in a fire. Its weight is higher than other metals and with it, you can be sure that even small amounts will be safe no matter where you place them.

Of course, the only thing you need to mind is theft. Thieves love gold. A kilo of this precious metal is more than $55,000 which means that they’ll be very rich if they manage to snatch just one of these bars. Storing it safely and always having someone to keep an eye on it is a smart thing to do.

2. Platinum

Although less stable than gold, and relatively new in the world of trading with precious metals, platinum is an item that is worth considering. Learn more about platinum on the link. Its price has bigger inclinations and falls on the charts so you can earn a lot by having it, or you can see it achieve pretty low levels of value.

When it comes to safety, this one’s way more durable than gold. Its melting point is over 1700 degrees Celsius which means it will stay intact no matter what happens. If you realize that the price is safe over the years, and it is virtually indestructible, you can say that this an excellent investment.

3. Palladium

With a melting point of 1550 degrees Celsius, this is another precious metal that is indestructible. You can keep it in the oven and worry about nothing. This metal very similar to silver is very expensive. It is widely used across many industries, and this is why it is so expensive.

The price at the moment is around $75,000 per kilo, which is way more expensive than gold and platinum. Having a few bars or bullion made in these materials means true wealth. Similar to Platinum, it has lots of ups and downs, but over time in the last 40 years, we can conclude its constant rise. See more about these charts and palladium here:


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