What Is Reputation Management Software

What Is Reputation Management Software


The software that is used by companies to monitor user or customer reviews is called reputation management software. The purpose of this software is to help companies highlight positive experiences that users or customers have had with their company on online review platforms such as Yelp.

The software does not only promote positive reviews but it also makes the company aware of any negative reviews that are being posted. The reputation software also allows users the opportunity to submit any reviews through email or even by using advertising campaigns. Some companies will utilize this platform and conduct email campaigns to try and get new reviews for their company.

Other functions of reputation software are to monitor any discussions  and post on social media about the company. Reputation software is not the same as social media monitoring software it may have social media features but this software’s main purpose is to collect online review information about the company.

Is Reputation Management Beneficial 

Reputation management software is being used across many different business platforms. If you go on review sites such as Yelp you can find reviews for businesses such as hotels, restaurants, dentist, and even the primary care physicians.

Just these few sectors listed alone can cover thousands of businesses and this shows you that reputation management is a huge need not just in the business sector but in every sector. The reason why reputation management is of such importance, especially in certain careers or industries such as healthcare is because a bad review can tarnish the reputation of a physician or dentist.

So it is important that if a business or individuals such as a doctor is going to use reputation management that they purchase the highest quality of software that is available.  Reputation management is just another way to invest in your business or career.

Reputation management can help businesses to build a client database that they will have control of so they can update, edit, and make any needed changes to the database at any time. The software will also help the business to be more productive, save time, and save money. These benefits can apply to any business from an online sales company to a brick-and-mortar doctor’s office.

The software is beneficial when it comes to managing online reviews. The way the software manages online reviews is that it monitors for negative reviews so they can be addressed and it builds up positive reviews so they can stand out. The reputation software also helps the business or individual using it to develop referral programs. An example is in the case of a physician they get more business when their patients refer other individuals to them for medical care. The reputation software helps you to develop and incentivize referral programs so the individual giving a referral is also benefiting from the referral.

The built-in templates for reputation software

If a business decides to put together a promotional campaign the reputation software can help the business to circulate the campaign to all of the people who are in their current database. Reputation software also has useful templates that comes with the software.

These templates are templates for special offers and special offer emails. So all the user has to  do is pull up the template and then insert all of the needed information for the special offer.

After the information is input the email or special offer is then sent out to everyone in the business’s current database. Reputation software is very beneficial and needed tool for all businesses regardless of what sector it is.

Sometimes businesses do not get the proper praise that they deserve when they give excellent service but people will quickly make negative comments when they feel the service was not very good.

 Reputation software is just there so that clients or customers can be encouraged to give their positive reviews and the positive reviews that are given can be placed in the forefront of a review page.


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