Why Does My Air Conditioning Sound Weird?


You have bought your air conditioning system a few years ago and have done professional air conditioning installation Sydney. How well do you know that your air-conditioning system needs maintenance? Do you want to know something cool? According to experts, one of the easiest ways to find if there is a problem with your air conditioner is by listening to it. Saying so, we don’t mean you have to sit down with a cup of coffee and to have it talk to you explaining its problems.

Why does my Air Conditioning Sound Weird? 

You see, inherently, your air conditioner is not noisy. The sound you should hear from the system is the whooshing sound of the air through the vents. Any other noise that doesn’t qualify as background noise is a cause for concern. In such a case, you should call professional air conditioning service Sydney. Here we have listed some of the sounds you definitely shouldn’t hear from your system and what it can mean. Keep reading if you want to know more about it.

Some strange sounds:

As discussed above, there are quite some sounds that you don’t want to hear from your system. This includes:


Shrieking is also known as the sound of metal-on-metal. Shrieking can indicate a variety of problems with the motor. Worn down motor bearings is most likely the culprit. A failed bearing can permanently damage your motor if you do not act at the earliest. Hence it is vital to call for air conditioning repairs Sydney as soon as you start hearing this sound.


One other sign of motor damage is the grinding sound. It occurs mostly due to you too little lubrication or too much dust build-up on the components. If you happen to feel an acrid odour along with grinding sound from the vents, we suggest you shut down the system and contact professional air conditioning repairs because this means your motor is likely getting overheated.


Rattling could be a result of different issues. For example, it can be from a minor hitch like a loose cabinet door. On the other hand, it can also indicate that some components have become loose and are being banged around. Fortunately, a professional can diagnose this problem and fix it accordingly.


Hissing sound most of the time indicates refrigerant leaks. This noise can also be the earliest sign of the leakage problem that means high-pressure gas escaping from the lines. You should call professionals to fix it at the earliest as it can lead to many other serious issues.


You might also see your clicking noise when your air conditioning system starts up or when it cycles down. A clicking sound is normal. However, consistent clicking or hard starting AC is not normal. This indicates that your system is troubling to power the compressor, which is really something that should be fixed at the earliest possible.


Although this noise could be alarmingly loud, it is probably something like bent at parts. If you happen to listen to this sound from your system, shut down the system before further damages.

To avoid all these problems from occurring, always call professional from air conditioning installation Sydney. They will have good knowledge to deal with the different types of air conditioning systems and also offer services later on.


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