Why make senior citizens tech-savvy

Why make senior citizens tech-savvy


Technology has been the best gift to mankind and that is a well-known fact. However, it is often associated with teenagers or young adults and the working class. But, in the midst of all the hustle around technology, have we forgotten how important it is to make our elders especially senior members make the most of it? Well, here are some benefits of technology especially for our parents and elders:


The most important element of old age is not being able to feel as strong and quick as you used to be. For this reason, there are many tasks that were so mere but now seem to be the most difficult ones. One of them is standing in long queues to get your appliances recharged. But have you ever thought that you can easily pay your electricity bills online? And no, this is not a trick to steal all your money from your bank account! There are numerous apps you can use for all sorts of transactions, such as Paytm, Google Pay, etc. or you can do it online by logging into this amazing websiteAirtel Payments Bank, which is a one-stop destination for quick and secure online transactions.

2. Efficiency

Standing in queues or facing malfunctions at your recharge shop is not only hectic for your age but also wastes the time which you could have utilised in pursuing something more productive. The same payment can be made within a few minutes and you can spend the rest of your day in peace or doing something you really love! Although technology has been misused in numerous ways, making transactions from trustable sources can provide you the guarantee and security from defaults and frauds.

3. Keeping abreast with the trends

Old age can lead to isolation from the rest of the world because of a conflict of interest and ideology. This can also lead to an enmity towards technology since that is the root of all causes in this sense. This distance between the millennials and the old generation has rooted out of avid use of technology by the current generation and a lack of understanding of the same by the older generation. However, the solution to this is not to isolate them but to introduce them to the current affairs and trends with the help of technology. This will not only enhance their daily living but also make them understand the importance and value of this tool.

4. Fight challenges better

Another advantage of technology to senior people is that they can fight their day-to-day challenges better. Completing simple tasks such as paying utility bills, mobile recharge or house rent is just a few clicks away now. This is especially necessary for the ones who live alone or with their partners who would not have to leave the house now to do simple chores.

The bridge between technology and the old generation has to be mended in order to make them see these benefits of the same so that they can live their life better with peace.


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