3 Small Businesses You Can Run From Your Smartphone

3 Small Businesses You Can Run From Your Smartphone


The modern world has given way for countless business opportunities — in fact, there are plenty of business ideas you could pursue right from your phone. Whether you’re offering products or services, here are three businesses you could manage from your smartphone.

Catering Services

People are constantly on the lookout for good catering services for their small parties and massive festivals alike. With the help of a professional domain and social media, clients can easily browse your menu, contact you and book your services online. Since most smartphones are equipped with messaging, calendars and alerts, you can manage your projects and communicate with clientele as you prepare for their event.

Custom Artwork

If your talent is with any form of art, you can put your skills to good use by taking paid commissions for custom works. You can upload entire portfolios of your previous works to almost any mobile business platform or social media website; payment is made simple with the help of secure financial transaction sites. Best of all, you can send your client images of works-in-progress as you go.

Pet Care

Working with animals is a dream come true for many, and it’s easier than you think to manage a pet care business from your phone. There are apps available to help you manage bookings, set prices for your services and provide any information pet owners need before hiring you. What’s more, your clients can contact you via text, call or email if they have questions or concerns while their pets are in your care.

More people are forging their own path to success every day, and this is easier than ever before thanks to your smartphone. Remember to use a cloud service or back up any business information to your computer — this way, you have access to professional matters from your computer, too!


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