4 Common Reasons You Have a Leaking Commercial Washing Machine

4 Common Reasons You Have a Leaking Commercial Washing Machine


A tiny puddle in your laundry room is a clear sign your washer is leaking. These puddles could be a result of a minor or major issue with your machine. As such, each leak needs to be inspected and repaired with commercial laundry parts from providers like Laundry Replacement Parts to prevent further damages. The causes of leaks with commercial washing machines can be caused by anything from a faulty door catch to a damaged tub cover gasket.  Below are some of the common reasons for the leaks.

Malfunctioning Water Level Switch

The water level switch is intended to tell you how much water you need to fill your drum with. It is made of three different parts; the air dome tube and the pressure switch. As such, it is easy to know when this switch is broken or malfunctioning. Its malfunctioning could result in overfilling the drum causing the excess water to leak. When this happens, purchase dexter laundry parts to replace the broken ones.

Loose Water Supply Valves

The best way to know what is causing the leaks in your commercial washing machine is to know where the leak is coming from. This could be on the bottom or upper part. In this case with the supply valves, the leaks would occur from the back of the machine connected to the wall. You can do a brief inspection; the two valves resemble metal taps and are labeled red for hot water and blue for cold water. Also, if you notice the taps are wet, then they may be loose. Alternatively, this could be caused by a problem with the water supply hoses; inspect the connection from the wall valves of your laundry machine. Ensure the issue is addressed to get your equipment working and increase foot traffic to your laundry store.

Front Loading Washer: Door Boot Seal

If you are using a front-loading washer, the leak could be caused by a door boot seal. This seal is usually a big folder rubber ring round your door pocket. This ensures that the water in the washer is completely locked in and does not plash as you run your cycles. The contrary happens when the rubber ring is damaged, or the spring clamps are loose. It would be best to have your technician replace the rubber ring or the spring clamps tightened early enough. This way, you’ll have your machine working and help serve more customers.

Draining hose is clogged

Again, you can inspect the machine’s drain hose located between the water supply valves.  This is in charge of eliminating the soapy water as well as the rinse water. Inspect the hose connected to your washer, if it is wet, then the drain hose may be damaged hence causing the leak.  Alternatively, the drain could be clogged and causing water to back up hence the leaks. Leaking commercial washers can be disastrous when not repaired. Also, any issue with your laundry machine will mean downtime. That’s why you must have the repairs fixed immediately to ensure your business operations continue to run smoothly.

Inspect your machine’s drain hose, water level switch, water supply valves, boor boot seal, and other parts for signs of damages. If any, have them repaired and replaced with quality spare parts by a qualified technician


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