Aluminium or Steel UTE Trays – Which One is Better?

Aluminium or Steel UTE Trays – Which One is Better?


UTE trays are one of the most important components for 4×4 vehicles. Having UTE trays is crucial if you are making new changes to your current UTE or getting a new one. UTE for 4×4 vehicles allow more room for customisations and can be altered based on your unique requirements.

Aluminium or steel UTE trays? This is one of the common questions among the customers. Here we have made a comparison of a few features of aluminium and steel trays to help you choose the wise options.


The cost of aluminium UTE trays is higher than steel trays. The customised aluminium UTE trays for 4×4 vehicles are even higher. The cost of steel trays is comparatively low but may vary depending on the design and shipping.

Storage Capacity

Steel trays provide more storage capacity, and this allows truck owners to carry all their belongings on their utility trucks.


Steel UTE trays are twice as weight as aluminium, and this adds more to the longevity and hardness factors. However, it can have a negative impact on fuel consumption and mechanical wear. But, the heavyweight of steel trays is beneficial in vehicles that are driven with lighter loads. The heavier steel tray will provide the weight necessary to compress the rear spring and offers a comfortable ride.


Steel trays are the best option for you if strength and hardness are necessary for you. This is extremely beneficial if your cargo involves moving heavy appliances. The usage of heavy-duty aluminium can also handle harsh conditions better.


 Lighter weight Aluminium is corrosion-resistant, whereas steel trays are more prone to corrosion. This issue occurs commonly in coastal areas. However, galvanising and powder-coating steel trays can reduce corrosion. Regardless of the treatment you offer, scratches and chips may appear on the surface of the trays. Fortunately, the steel used for constructing these trays is thicker than the sheet metal used for manufacturing auto bodies.

Once you select the steel tray for 4×4, you must consider other qualities because you may have to choose a canopy and other accessories based on it. There are three different types of canopies, full, partial, or tools module. A full canopy covers the tray and comes with lift-up doors for easy access. A partial canopy provides a part open body, whereas a tools module has an open centre aisle. Other accessories include bullbars, storage bins, drawer units, and more.

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