High-Quality Guides For Your Heavy Containers Needs

High-Quality Guides For Your Heavy Containers Needs


Leading manufacturers of industrial parts and equipment have been working a lot due to the demand of the public. With the growing numbers of heavy equipment and materials, the use of telescopic guides and linear systems has been in demand. These are industrial materials and systems used to make the machine or equipment functional and working according to the customers’ needs. Industrial products are continually supporting the needs of some other equipment that makes it functional with the others. High-quality telescopic guis para cajones pesados and linear systems are made from different components, such as:

  • Cold drawn steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel

These are heavy-duty components to manufacture quality telescopic guides and linear systems.

The linear guides

The linear rail slides or also known as linear guides are support devices used to ensure the level and straight linear motion and help carry loads. It is particularly used to support heavy containers. It usually consists of 2 different components:

  • Sliding carriage
  • Rail

A sliding carriage is an element that moves along the rail. It supports the attached loads. The design of these two components depends on the linear guide style. There are two common styles of linear guides, namely:

Sliding contact guides. It has the simplest style where the sliding carriage slides over the rail. It has a higher coefficient of friction. It requires more force to move.

Roller bearing guides. It uses roller bearing to help lessen the coefficient of friction between the rail and the sliding carriage. In turn, it lessens the required force to move the carriage without lubrication. It has a design of channels for the roller bearings to move along.

Where to use linear guides?

Linear guides can be used on a wide array of manufacturing and industrial applications. These can be of all styles and sizes used in machines and printers. Linear slides are used to base plate in a machine, position a tool, and in heavy containers. The linear guides carry the weight of the base plate or tool and protect the actuating component from an improperly loaded container.

High-quality linear system

There is an optimal linear guide as well as a suitable linear unit for each application. There are perfectly matched linear systems that are commonly used in the market:

  • Linear modules
  • Adjusting unit
  • Linear system LB
  • Linear bearings
  • Linear system LR
  • Sliding guides

These products are best-selling in the market today. It is why you should have to look for a reliable company that manufactures these products of high quality. Most of these products are made of heavy-duty components, such as aluminum and stainless steel. These materials require low-quality maintenance. It is not easy to get damaged and long-lasting. Stainless steel is known for being a rust-resistant component. Thus, it requires low maintenance and can last for a long period of usage. The advantage of using these telescopic guides and linear systems are a great use for heavy containers for moving without a need of force. These products turned out to be a necessity and useful in heavy containers and equipment, making the moving process smooth and easy.


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