Are Epoxy Garage Floors Worth the Investment?

Are Epoxy Garage Floors Worth the Investment?


Is garage floor epoxy in Phoenix Arizona, worth the investment? It’s a common question asked by most home and business owners when they are planning to give their garage floor a brand-new look.

Garage floor epoxy in Phoenix Arizona has more benefits than other flooring options such as concrete, tile, or stone. When you compare the benefits of this flooring with other flooring options, you will pat yourself for choosing epoxy flooring for your home or office renovation.

Cost of Garage Epoxy Floors

The cost of the garage epoxy floor depends on a variety of factors such as –  the size of the garage, the technique used for product application, surface preparation, color, design features, and the number of coats applied. Generally, the epoxy garage floor is priced per square footage and typically starts at $1200 for an average two-car garage. The cost of epoxy floor installation is worth your investment because it will give your floor an upgraded appearance while improving home values! A high-quality garage epoxy floor can definitely recoup its investment many times over!

Contractor Charges

At the beginning of the project, your epoxy flooring contractor in Phoenix Arizona will talk about the scope of the project to ensure that everything is included in the estimate. The estimate should include concrete repairs, surface preparation, leveling of the concrete, type of coating, and the number of coats needed to be applied, Also be sure to inquire about the warranty coverage and maintenance required to be sure you don’t get shocked down the road if the floor looks bad. A professional epoxy floor contractor will focus on quality so will be committed to providing the best value for your money.

Warranty Coverage

One of the most important factors to consider while installing an epoxy garage floor is to consider the warranty. Yes, epoxy floors are long-lasting, durable, and have resistance to harsh chemicals but with the wrong type of maintenance and use, the garage epoxy will deteriorate (especially if only using epoxy paint from retailers). When you work with a professional garage floor contractor, they will tell you in advance what to expect and what to do so you can make sure the beautiful floor lasts for a decade!

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