Tips to Protect Your Warehouse Racking Storage

Tips to Protect Your Warehouse Racking Storage


The warehouse storage racking is one of the most vital business aspects. You need the right storage to keep your products longer without damage or going bad. Most of the racking systems cost a lot of money to purchase, install and manage. It is for this reason that you have to protect the racks through every possible means.

Protecting the racks helps avoid damages that might compromise their ability to withstand heavy loads. This, in the process, affects the safety of the products and that of the staff. Here are the top tips to protect your warehousing racking storage.

Purchase top quality racks 

The first step towards ensuring the safety of your racking system is to buy quality. Understand the weight of the loads you need the racks to hold. You should look into the height of the forklifts and the employees in the warehouse. Once you understand your needs, go ahead and buy the best quality rack that meets the weight and height needs.

Do not consider saving money by purchasing used racks. While they might be less costly, they come with various concerns. Any used storage rack is likely to have damages and will not last long enough in your warehouse.

Train the employees 

The other way to ensure the safety of your products and the employees is to train the staff on the racking best practices. Every racking system comes with safety provisions. Let the employees understand their role in ensuring the safety of the warehouse. They need to understand the best way to load the racks and other safety measures.

If you find it hard to train everyone in the company, select few warehouse specialists. The group should be well educated on everything warehouse management and safety.

Work on any damages immediately. 

Warehouse racks are highly susceptible to damage. There is always the possibility of colliding with a forklift, too much weight, or the natural wear and tear after prolonged use. Failure to identify these damages increases the chances of the collapse of the whole storage system.

Avoid damage to the racking system by ensuring proper weight loading. Display the loading limits on the rack for easy reference. Also, ensure regular inspection to note any case of damage on the rack. Once noticed, work on the damage immediately. Either repair or replace the rack, depending on the extent of the damage.

Make the warehouse rack system friendly. 

The longevity of your storage racks depends on the design and layout of the warehouse. Install floor guard rails to help protect the selective racking system Malaysia from a collision with forklifts and other heavy equipment. Also, ensure regular floor fixing to correct the dislodgement or displacement caused by the heavy machinery.

The site upkeep also matters. Keep the gangways and aisle free from clutter and other obstructions.

Bottom Line 

Setting up a racking system needs a lot of money. It should be a worthy expense given the protection the rack offers to your products. The best way to keep the racking system running for an extended period is to protect it from damage.


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