Choose the Right Banquet Hall to Celebrate Your Favorite Life Event


A wedding is your favorite life event, and you want it to be picture-perfect. When it comes to your wedding, there are a number of things one must focus on. From the wedding dress to floral arrangements, you must prepare everything with care and love. One of those preparations that you should not ignore is selecting a banquet hall for your wedding. Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn offers the best party halls for rent in Renton WA that boasts an aesthetically-appealing architecture for a stylish celebration. Here are a few tips that ensure that you don’t disappoint and deliver a fun, vibrant, and joyous occasion for your guests.

Fix a budget

Before deciding on banquet halls for rent in Renton WA, fix a budget. Also, you must book a hall well in advance because if you are planning your wedding in a peak season, you might not get bookings in your favorite hall.

The Theme of the Party

Set a basic theme for your wedding party and decorate the venue based on it. Some banquet halls offer in-house event planners who can allow you to set yourself free and make your party rocking and happening with their expert knowledge.


Size is one of the first things one must consider while choosing a banquet hall for his or her wedding. If you are expecting 50 people for your event, you might want your venue to be able to hold seventy.


If there is no in-house catering in the banquet hall you choose, you may bring your own caterer for your functions. Prepare food beforehand in their kitchen and serve them during the function.


Parking has become a great issue these days. So, choose a banquet hall that has an apt parking space for guests to park their vehicles.

Basic Amenities

Clean washrooms are one of the basic amenities that are very much required at your party venue. So, ensure that the party halls for rent in Renton WA have enough number of clean washrooms for your guests.

DJ Services

Lists of Disc Jockeys (DJ), Masters of Ceremony (MC), and Dance Instructors area unit accessible to assist build your event special. Renters receive a reduction on their services.

The Banquet Hall at Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn

The banquet hall at Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn is one amongst the best banquet halls for rent for company conferences, non-public parties, and special events, weddings, receptions, workshops and seminars, day of remembrance dinners, family reunions, and more. The banquet hall and feeding space will well seat a hundred to a hundred and fifty at eight-foot banquet tables. There ar a lot of tables and chairs to accommodate a lot of individuals if required. the most floor space is four,000 sq. feet (50ft x 80ft) of hardwood.

Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn specializes in offering a wide variety of traditional couples dance classes, including ballroom dances, swing dancing, country dances, line dances, Latin dances, and adult dance classes in Renton WA.


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