Content Services That Actually Make A Difference

Content Services That Actually Make A Difference


Blue Melon is a leading content production company with a simple mission: Creating awesome content and developing and promoting killer websites for our clients. Our team includes a full-service digital marketing agency that is all committed to helping entrepreneurs, businesses, and agencies of all sizes get more traffic to their sites, make more money, and achieve their goals faster and easier than they could do on their own.

What Have We Done And What Can We Do?

Our clients range from solo entrepreneurs to larger businesses. We have created websites for ourselves, friends and family, influencers, musicians, and everyone in between. Our strength is our ability to understand what our clients want to achieve and then create a unique and powerful message that makes the difference.

We are a highly regarded copywriting team that creates all kinds of written content for clients worldwide. Whether it’s e-mail blast letters, website copy, Facebook updates, newspaper ads, or direct mail letters, we deliver. We’re best known for our high-ticket, luxury brand campaigns, but we’ve also created compelling sales pitches for low-end and middle-of-the-road products and services.

A Peek At Our Content Services

In today’s supercharged marketing environment, it is more important than ever to have a team of world-class content production creators working with you. Someone who can create ads that generate leads and sales. Someone who can design and develop a winning website. Someone who is savvy about social media and knows what works and what doesn’t. Someone to oversee all aspects of the marketing program and keep you on top of the latest trends and techniques. This is precisely what you can expect from the Blue Melon content team. Our team can work with you on:

Copywriting: Creating powerful messages that make a difference for our clients.

Website Design: Building a strong foundation that ensures maximum traffic, sales, and profitability for our clients.

Social Media Management: Keeping our clients on top of the latest social media trends so they can make the most of these important channels of communication.

Email Marketing: Maximizing the effectiveness of all forms of email, including sales-building blasts, relationship-building newsletters, and “customer service” alerts.

Print Advertising: Outstanding direct mail packages that get results for our clients.

Plus, we have services that help you plan out how this content can help your brand grow and prosper. Our audits, strategies, and creation process all work towards one thing: to ensure that your brand reaches the goals and objectives it has set out for itself.


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