Find the Right Car Cover with Cover Craft

Find the Right Car Cover with Cover Craft


Cover craft is a world leading car cover company that is known for its amazing Ultratect car cover. The Ultratect cover is perfect if you keep your car outdoors for an long periods of time. Let’s say you are lucky enough to have a fancy Rolls Royce, the type that you only use on special occasions, then you’ll want it to be covered well so that it remain in tip-top shape for when you need it. This cover is an affordable way of safeguarding your car against the rain and UV.

When they manufacture th evw beetle car cover, Cover craft use Weatherman fabric that is solution-dyed, and has a multitude of benefits. Each and every fiber of the material has been dyed, not just the surface and therefore the car cover will not fade even when though it’s left outside in the sun, which usually fades the car’s paint.

The material is also super water resistant as water repellent HydroMax is on both on this outside and inside of the fabric. This will help to ensure that rain, sleet and snow cannot get to your car and damage it, whilst at the same time, the material is still breathable. Cover craft use two sets of 150 denier yarn cross sectioned, and in the machine, as opposed to one set of 300, which makes the cover infinitely stronger, and even more water resistant.

If you’re worried that your car is left out in the sun and extreme atmospheric conditions do not fret any more. Ultratect is protective against the UV’s harmful rays, and will make sure that the car will not become damaged as a result.

One amazing feature that Cover craft have included in the making of Ultratect is that the fabric is wondrous at maintaining the shape. Often when one buys even a custom car cover, after a while it starts to get baggy due to the material stretching whilst the owner put the cover on and take it off. The fibers of the Ultratect cover are made with minimal stretch, and hence is by far the most superior in retaining its shape and form.

The weight of the fabric is almost to perfect to be true. It is light enough to slip on and off daily, and keep in the boot of the car, but at the same time it is heavy enough to keep in place and not fall off.

It is extremely practical and easy to maintain the Ultratect car cover as it can be washed at home, and even placed in the home drier. This is so much easier than taking it to the commercial cleaners every time and waiting for it to come back.

Cover craft manufacture the Ultratect car cover in four fabulous colors; black, grey, blue, or tan. The choice is there for you to be able to enjoy how your car looks even whilst it’s wrapped up.

Choosing a Car Cover Specific for Your Car

I’m sure you’ve heard of Cover craft, anyone who’s even the slightest bit into car covers will have heard of them. They really take you into consideration, and that’s why they have a large range of different vehicle covers.

There are no two people alike.

So Cover craft have a wide choice of fabrics for you to choose, so that they can tailor make the car cover for you and your car. The different fabrics each have different purposes. They vary in their performances at different level, so that you can choose the combination of protections that suit you, your car, and your lifestyle best.

Cover-Craft will then custom make your needs. It will fit the contours of the body exactly. The is no danger of some areas of the parts of the exterior being left exposed. In addition, the cover won’t flap like tent with the slightest gust of wind. The car will remain safe and secure to the highest degree.

You will most probably want to keep it clean too, that is why there are machine washable (though some will advise commercial cleaning). This makes life so much simpler; pop the cover in the washer machine whilst you use the car in the day, and it’ll be ready for use again for that very night, when you park it.

All Cover-Craft owners, say that they live a more relaxed life. They don’t spend their time checking on the weather to make sure that their car isn’t getting ruined. They don’t have to worry that the acid in the rain is eating away at the car’s paintwork. Nor that the sun’s uv rays are bleaching the car’s exterior. These don’t bother them any more. Their car’s will stay in mint condition, thanks to Cover craft.


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