How to Stay Focussed Every Day?

How to Stay Focussed Every Day?


We encounter several instances in life that make us realize that we are missing upon something from within! We feel that we are not living our life to the fullest. There are times when we feel we are just forgetting everything that is important and a state of being “lost” starts charring in! This situation is a very common phenomenon of that phase of life when we lose our focus.

Let me quote another example. When there is a function, celebration or any kind of event approaching in our household, work or community, etc that involves us actively or passively, we generally tend to feel all charged up. We wake up in the morning with an aim of accomplishing something so that we contribute well towards the organization or enjoying that event. However, as soon as the event gets over, a feeling of emptiness or hollowness starts engulfing within us. All of a sudden we start looking for something new or some new aim in life to be focussed at. This is where you can relate that how staying focussed actually gives you a direction, a reason to act and function, a motive to be happy at large and in person.

There can be numerous examples that will help you to understand that how staying focussed in life is a path towards being happy and successful. While it is good to get an understanding of the subject, it will be better to learn how can we stay focused in everyday life?

  1. Set your goals every morning:

It starts with knowing what you want to do today. Setting a goal looks difficult only when we read it as per say. However, there can be anything that you may aim at- bringing fresh juice from the shop, cleaning your carpets, arranging your cupboard, jogging 3 km non-stop, etc. And if nothing else, you can simply aim at taking a day of rest and focus at taking the rest only throughout the day. Postpone all work for tomorrow whatever can be! Well, the benefit of setting a goal is that you will know what and how you have to behave and what is moving towards as the day progresses. Also once you achieve the goal of the day with a conscious mind, a sense of achievement comes which is priceless motivation.

  1. Organize your work:

We often propagate the theory of “first 15 minutes to yourself in the morning”. If you can spend only 15 minutes of your day in the morning pondering over your life, yesterday, moments and what needs to be done and how- then you are going to have a very clearly organized day ahead with u. Whatever comes then, at least you will be able to consciously relate yourself to the person that you were yesterday. Imagine, what is the point of moving ahead in life, when we do not know what are we leaving behind! Therefore, once you have set the goal, just spend some time organizing that how will you attain those goals and what efforts need to be put in towards attaining them. Once your subconscious mind will visualize it, you will be able to do it by staying focussed in a better way.

So keep in mind that staying focussed is as simple and as difficult as giving some time to your own self. Once you are able to do it, you will seea constant change in your day to day life style.


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