How Your Business Can Save Money With Two-Way Radio Rentals

How Your Business Can Save Money With Two-Way Radio Rentals


Operating a business, whatever it is, is going to cost you money. As a business owner, one of your primary goals is to save as much money as possible. Enter two-way radios. They provide you with a great way of communicating while still saving money.

The argument for two-way radio rentals being much more cost-efficient than other means of communication is strong. With landlines and mobile phones, you’d have to deal with dead zones and limited battery life. No matter how many cell towers are built, you’d still encounter poor call quality.

Below are the things that will be cut from your operating costs when you use two-way radio rentals.

Increased Productivity Among Employees

The biggest issue that business owners have to deal with in this world dominated by smartphones is decreased productivity. Say you give your employees phones to use while they’re at work so you can be assured that they’re communicating with each other efficiently, but you run the risk of having their productivity decreasing.

Most people who own the smartphone will pull it out instinctively when they have nothing going on. Some people that pull out their smartphone to relieve themselves of boredom for just a few minutes actually end up scrolling for something else that will entertain them and hook them away from work.

By limiting your employees’ options to what they can do with their tool for communication, you can expect an increase in productivity. The only time that they will pull out their two-way radio is when they actually have to communicate with their coworkers.

Of course, there’s still the risk of your employees chatting with themselves, but at least they’re talking among each other. In a way, it can boost company morale because they’ll be closer to each other. Still a much better alternative to your employee spending half their day on social media looking at cat pictures.

Cost-Efficiency In Terms Of Communication

As stated above, you will have to deal with poor call quality when you use a landline and mobile phones. With two-way radios, you are using frequencies that won’t be affected by a cell tower going down. You are always assured that there’s a way to communicate with each other even if your workers can’t get to a phone.

All you have to plan for is the reach of the two-way radios. When you brief your workers as to how far they can communicate, you don’t have to worry about anything else. With phones, you have to think about the recurring monthly payments. There may even be overages or fees such as if they call someone who’s not using a company phone.

Simplicity When Rolling Out

When operating a business, you have to consider time as a valuable resource. Instead of spending time in briefing everyone how to work with the specialized mobile phone that you purchased for them, you can cut it short by getting radio rentals. Just tell them which button will let them talk and how they can adjust the frequency – you’re good to go.

Tidewater Communications offers radio rentals so you don’t have to spend when you only need two-way radios for a limited period of time. Contact us today for details.


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