Buy your dream  car ever – Hyundai Creta

Buy your dream car ever – Hyundai Creta


Everyone wants to  buy a car which  fulfill all needs and requirements of the  person. If you are looking to buy  a new dream  car for yourself and your family. Then can refer to the Hyundai Creta,  which  is one of the amazing car that  is launched with all the  latest features. To knojw more about Hyundai creta features and  price, scroll the below given  information. For more visit Renault Personal Contract Hire.

Price of Hyundai Creta  – When  it comes to Hyundai creta price, then  it depends on different sert of variants available in the market. In general  the Hyundai Creta Price varies from 10 to 15lakhs.

Exterior features of Hyundai Creta

  • The SUV is launched with the wheelbase of around 2590mm.
  • The height of the car is around 1665mm
  • The width of the car  is around 1780mm
  • The length of the car is around 4270mm
  • The SUV is launched 190mm ground clearance
  • The SUV is equipped with the 17inch alloy wheels.

Mileage of Hyundai Creta – The Hyundai  Creta mileage varies with the different set of models. On  an average the  Hyundai  Creta mileage  is around 15 to 22kmpl. The different set of variants have different  mileage.

Interiors features of Hyundai Creta

  • The SUV is launched with monotone interiors equipped with large dashboards.
  • The car is launched with the adjustable seats to  offer comfortable journey.
  • The seats are also equipped with the 6 airbags that  offer safety to the passengers.
  • The drive seat is height  adjustable  and the car is also launched with  adjustable power steering to offer the comfortable drive to  the
  • The SUV is also equipped with 7 inch touchscreen  information and climate control system.
  • The advanced music audio system  offer the  high  quality sounds and entertainment.
  • The SUV with the child safety lock and power door lock system  offer more safety to the

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Engine of Hyundai Creta

  • The car is launched with a powerful engine, offers a power of around 126.2bhp@4000rpm.
  • The engine offers a displacement of around 1582cc.
  • The engine produces a maximum torque of around 87NM@1500-3000rpm.

Looking for  buying a new car for themselves, then  can refer to Hyundai creta. If you are not aware about  it;  thenthe information given above provides a detailed overview of Hyundai creta features and  price in detail. For more visit Renault Used Cars.


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