Louis Hernandez Jr – Inspiring Mentor to Help Businesses Outperform Their Peers with Success

Louis Hernandez Jr – Inspiring Mentor to Help Businesses Outperform Their Peers with Success


Most business owners have dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders; however, they are not aware of the right strategies to embrace to attain their goals. Technological trends and digitization have transformed the fate of several businesses. It is crucial for business owners to be aware of these technological trends and changes to survive in the market and outperform their peers. The task seems to be a mammoth one if a company leader is not aware of these trends and its appropriate application to the business.

Louis Hernandez Jr – Mentoring business owners to help them attain their dreams of successful entrepreneurship

Louis Hernandez Jr is a widely respected and esteemed name in Miami, Florida when it comes to technological investments and financial services. He is the Founder, Managing Director, and CEO of Black Dragon Capital – a firm based in Miami specializing in technology investments and private equity. He and his team of accomplished and experienced experts have helped several business owners to realize their entrepreneur dreams with a unique approach and strategy. He and his dedicated team have proven track records in the past to help business entrepreneurs with their investment, growth, and expansion plans, especially in the field of digital commerce, media technology, and financial services.

A mission to make industries better

He has been an active and passionate participant in the digitalization of several major industries in the USA. He and his team of experts have the sole mission to make industries better. He also has a personal website where he regularly shares his ideas and how entrepreneurs can use these ideas to make their businesses better.  He is also the founder of many other companies, one of them being Payer is that is today the fastest-growing company in the field of providing digital money technology to companies. He is a good mentor and advisor to both small and large business owners in the United States when it comes to the above industry niche.

An accomplished and talented business professional

He is well-versed in the field of business strategy, economic policy, technology, and globalization. He is an advisor to education foundations, science centers, technology councils, governors, hospital boards and is regularly quoted in daily newspapers and major international magazines. He has also been profiled by major magazines and has appeared on national and international news shows that are frequently broadcast. Many people are not aware of his hobbies, and they include art, soccer, and music.

Louis Hernandez Jr and his team of dedicated professionals not only add growth and value to businesses, but they believe in actively giving back to the community with their services. He is the Founder of a non-profit organization called A Little Hope Foundation. This Foundation believes in providing opportunities to those people who are from the underprivileged segments from society. The Foundation organizes events for the unfortunate where awareness of causes is created, and others can actively contribute to them. He believes in many charitable causes for children.  Besides being actively involved in the field of business and charity, he is fond of art, music, soccer, and loves to pursue them in his spare time!


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