Services that matters a lot

Services that matters a lot


In the present era, there is almost no one who has not heard about the share market, and opportunities that one can have in this market as far as earning is concerned. There are various exchanges across the country where many of the public limited companies are listed, and traders or investors can trade or invest in their shares which are open to the general public. The rates of shares keep on changing as per the demand and supply of the same in the market. The movement of prices of shares can be seen on the screen of the computer where the software of the exchange such as BOLT is loaded.

The trades:

This is a market which is open for all. However, there are certain restrictions that one needs to follow while dealing in this market. One needs to get a demat account with any of the authorized company or broker. One who wants to invest in the market need not go for the trading account, but one who wants to trade needs to have this account also. However, the trading account can be opened with any of the service providers. To open these accounts, one can approach any of the stock brokers in India who are authorized by the exchange or a company which is authorized by the exchange. A stock broker can help the client to open the accounts and trade in the market if one wants to go for an offline account.

The trades in this market are also of two types, which are online and offline. One who has knowledge and system can go for the online trades where he himself needs to pass the trades and set limit. He is not provided help by the operator on the bolt at the broker’s office.

One who wants to go for the offline trades needs to take help of the bolt operator. He needs to call him during market hours, and if he wants to trade, he needs to name the company and type of trade which is buy or sell. He can also ask the operator to set a limit for purchase or sale. If the concerned limit is hit, the operator lets him know the status, and in the case, till the day end the same is not hit, the operator also makes him aware of the transaction type and situation. Accordingly, the client needs to take further actions.

The options:

The client can go for options such as derivatives and cash. In the derivative segment, he can go for either future or option while in cash segment he can go for trades in intraday or delivery based trades. Almost all the stock brokers in India offer both types of trades to the traders and hence, the client needs to identify his requirement and go for a trade accordingly. With a little research, one can also trade on his own where online trading can be of immense help to him. However, the services of the brokers cannot be ignored at any stage.


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