Mystery Shopping Companies in Belfast

Mystery Shopping Companies in Belfast


All around the world business owners hire mystery shoppers to do a test for their employees. They want to know if everyone is doing their job right, are they polite with customers, and whether the business is going as it should be.

This testing is done because research has shown that unsatisfied customers rarely file complaints when they are not treated nice or when they left the store unsatisfied. To make this right, employers hire a secret person that will infiltrate and give them information about how things are happening in the retail when they are not around.

You can find the best mystery shopping company by searching the internet and reading their web page. Every one of them has a website and if they don’t then they are probably not worth mentioning.

These companies are helping the business owners connect with the people acting as customers. Whenever a company needs such a person, they address to the firm which, on the other hand, has the contacts to people that applied for this job.

How to pick a good company?

If it happens someone to ask you for your money to get you a job, be sure that you’re facing a scam. You can report this to the police immediately. A serious company won’t ask you to give them anything. On the contrary, they’ll ask you to give them information about the exchange of money.

A good company pays well. If you apply to more places, after a while you’ll see that some of them pay better than others. Some provide high amounts to spend in the retail and others provide lower sums. This is all a part of the experience you’ll have with the agency that you’re not able to rate, unfortunately.

How to apply if you want to work this?

The first thing you should do is send them a CV. They’ll probably ask you if you’ve been previously convicted as the job is connected with shopping and walking around products. They don’t like having kleptomaniacs in the system of employers and deal with the police over something like this.

Then, you’ll need to sign the official disclosure agreement that will make sure you won’t tell anyone outside their office what you saw, how you dealt with the situation, and especially you won’t tell about new lines of products, ideas that the employers shared with you, and everything else connected to their business. If you don’t know what this agreement is, click here.

The reason for this is because the competition can’t wait to get their hands on the insight plans and ideas of the other guys. Since you’re working for them at the moment, you might get offered a fine amount to tell the competition what you saw so they can come out with a better strategy. The disclosure agreement is the one that will prevent everyone from doing anything incriminating.

How to act in the store?

If you’re picked to do this, you should know how to react without getting caught. Nothing’s going to happen even if you get caught, but if you do, the employees might change the attitude and you’ll get nothing out of the gig.

The most important thing is not to look like you’re there to find some flaws. Don’t carry a list to take notes, but make sure you remember what’s happening and how people react to you. Pay attention to details, how the employees are dressed, are the agile, helpful, do they have a smile, did they greet you when you entered and when you were leaving, etc.

These are all things that are very important for every retail business. A lot of customers can come in once and never come again if the people inside were rude or simply had negative energy. You might be completely okay with the attitude of not sharing a word from an employee or helping you without a smile, but be sure that a lot of people can’t accept these facts. You can read here what the principles of good service are:


To have a great experience wherever you go, this job is helping you in it. Not only you create a better world, but you earn money from it. Everyone’s satisfied with this. The business owners get more profit and the customers get a better service.


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