5 Best Shopping Apps Which You Can Check Out!

5 Best Shopping Apps Which You Can Check Out!


Who doesn’t love shopping? Well, everyone loves shopping but some of us might don’t like to step out of our houses and go to malls or markets. In this case, shopping applications came to our rescue. Thanks to these shopping apps we can now have shopping experience sitting comfortably on our couch. So in this article, we are going to mention the list of some of the famous shopping apps that will surely be a boon for the smart shopper.


This application has a very friendly user interface. It’s a very colourful app. As soon as you will open this app you will see different categories like tablets, mobiles, clothing, beauty products, etc., all of which are nicely placed. You are also given a search category from where you can search the product you want. It also offers a 30 days money-back guarantee. You also get to read about the products along with the user comments and rating of the product.


We all must have seen the advertisement of HomeShop18 once in our childhood. This app has different categories based on the products available on this app. You can also customize your home screen if you want to avoid seeing certain products. This app offers you to sort products on the basis of popularity, discount, price, top seller, new listing, etc. There are many products available under each category and you can add a filter on the basis of price, brand, and availability.


The list of shopping apps would be incomplete without mentioning the name of Amazon. It’s the mega mall of the internet and millions of people use it every year. Any product which one can think off can be easily found in this app. They also offer things like Lightning Deals and Deals of the Day where you can find stuff on the cheap if you keep up on it. This app is quite simple, quick and easy to understand. It also has an additional feature Amazon Prime. You need to pay for this feature and get some additional benefits.


eBay is a free application. It’s been in the market for like forever and everyone knows what it is. This app gives you real shopping experience. You can do the bidding, searching, purchasing and moreover you can also sell your own item on this app. You can also keep track of the items you are selling. The product trading interface is nearly designed and prices along with the estimated time left are listed. Overall users can purchase a variety of products on them right from their mobiles.


The one application that has garnered a lot of attention and game in recent times is Snapdeal. The Snapdeal app is location-aware and hence you don’t need to add manually enter your location details to access offers. You can also track deals and offers from nearby areas with the help of application and at the same time also benefit from all India deals as well.

These apps offer you a great experience of shopping so just go and begin shopping. All these apps can be downloaded from 9apps, one of the upcoming play stores in present days. 9apps free download has become quite a favourite because of its inherent features and benefits.


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