Reasons Behind The Popularity of PDFs

Reasons Behind The Popularity of PDFs


PDFs are a huge boon for users since any existing file format can be converted to a PDF. People love the design, and this has given a boost to its popularity and usage. You cannot transfer all file formats from your Windows PC to Apple Mac, but they can be shared across any device irrespective of the operating system in the case of PDFs. They work in the same manner everywhere. Here are a few more reasons behind the rising popularity of PDFs.

Can access PDFs on your phone

PDFs enjoy popularity among users because they can easily open them and read them on their mobile devices. Other file formats often do not have this feature, and you might not be able to access them on your iPad or phone. You just need to have Adobe Reader on the device for PDFs, and the job is done. On most phones, Adobe Reader is already pre-installed. This saves you the time and effort required to go to the Play Store or App Store and download it.

Other file formats do not enjoy a similar privilege and have not reached the stage which allows them to do that. A tip would be to save your essential files in PDF format before going on a trip to ensure that your files remain accessible throughout the journey.

Security reasons

PDFs, unlike other file formats, give you the option to protect your file with a password. When working with sensitive data, it is imperative that you ensure they are always secure when you transfer them. The best way of securing it is to add a password. The password security feature in PDFs is pretty advanced and is hard to penetrate. You can add the password using the edit PDF option. It is considered so secure that even government offices and security firms use it. If you also want to transmit high-risk data, using a PDF is advised.

Better viewability

Reading a PDF feels like reading a regular paper book. PDF files have a similar look to the original document, and they preserve the original source information like video, text, multimedia, drawings, photos, and business logic. The application you used to create them does not matter, and even if you use multiple formats, you can still convert them into a single PDF format. Also, if you need the PDF document in Word, you can convert PDF to Word and work in the desired format.

Provision of digital signature

PDF has robust encryption features such as the addition of digital signatures and certificates. This option comes in handy for businesses. The digital signature feature is helpful since it provides assurance that the information has not been tampered with since the original sender has signed it, and the signature verifies his digital identity.

Reliable and trustworthy

According to data, more than 600 million PDF documents exist publicly on the internet. Moreover, apart from publicly available ones, many files exist on the servers of businesses and government agencies. All this is evidence of the number of companies that have placed their trust in PDF for storing their valuable information.



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