Steps to Creating an Engaging Brand Name

Steps to Creating an Engaging Brand Name


Brand Power

All the known brands have a few things in common – engaging content, creative name, honest work culture, smart working leaders and co-workers, and the way they research their market. But the one and the only thing that makes the difference between an average brand and a super brand is the Brand Name. If you have a powerful and engaging brand name, to which a consumer can tie his hope, then you are already winning in the game of business. To help you build your dream brand name for your company and earn your dream revenues, here is a solution to creating an engaging brand name.

What Exactly is Brand?

Before getting a brand name for your loved company, you may want to know more about the brand. Well, there is not much to know about the brand. A brand is the only reason that a customer looking for a thing will choose you over your competitor, in spite of you both having the same product. A brand will be the only reason a client will pay you two times more than she or he was paying your business competitor. A brand is the soul of your business and revenue model.

How do you build a brand?

A brand is built upon several different tectonics. Market research, keyword selection, brand name, search engine optimization, product quality, service speed, customer satisfaction are some of the important founding stones of building a brand.

Apart from all of the founding stones, the face of your brand will be the brand name you choose for your company, so let’s get on with the article and learn how to choose the best company name for your business which is engaging enough to hold your customers.

Step by step guide to creating an engaging brand name.

Firstly, three cheers for you, you have made it here, to this part of the article, now let us focus on how can you churn out an engaging brand name which will revive your revenue model.

  1. Categorize

You will not mean everything to each one of the people out there in the world. You need to categorize your target audience into a section that can relate something with your brand. You can categorize your audience under below demographics :

  • Profession: College students looking to pay off their study loans, Moms who want to work from home, senior citizens looking for medical support, corporate employees, etc.
  • Age Group: Teenagers, Young adults, Adults, Mid-forties, people in their fifties, senior citizens, etc.
  • Gender
  • Emotion keynotes: High and low.
  1. Determination

Before you think of any other brand name ideas, you need to know about the reason your company’s employees show up at work daily. The idea that inspired you to open a business should be your motivation inside and outside. Your target audience should know about your company’s bull’s eye goal and motive, this way they have a clear image of your brand’s functioning.

  1. Less is more

When you decide on to determination of your brand, the first step of execution begins. You need to have a creative name for your brand, but a brand name cannot be too long or hard to remember. The brand name should splurt itself out of a potential customer’s mouth when they recall about a great deal they heard about. So keep your brand name short and simple, this way it will be more engaging.

  1. Phonosemantics

Well, this is not a science article, but you need to know about phonosemantics. This is a scientific theory that proves some letters radiance positivity while some reflect negativity, some are cynical to the mind, while others give a feeling of the warm autumn sun. Without going too deep into theories, the caput of this theory is that your name should sound good to your potential as well as active customers, stakeholders/shareholders, co-founders, and all the important people.

  1. Be unpredictable

Most companies want their audience to believe that their company is run by bots. Don’t do this mistake. Be witty with your brand names and taglines and convey your customers through the humane name that you are always there for helping them out in any situation.

  1. Create a balance

When you decide to choose a brand name for your company, it is obvious that you will be emotional about it. Of course, why won’t you be? But, you need to be reasonable too with being emotional. There should be a perfect balance between emotions and logic. You need to differentiate a fine line between ‘how does your personal emotions matter for your customers?’ and ‘I will name my company according to my sentiments, this will give me happiness.’ A good balance can always make things better.

  1. Have some honor

While naming your company, you should choose such a name that you can say aloud in the public. Often, businesses started without proper branding strategy suffer rebranding because they feel ashamed about their name.

Above were tips to create an engaging brand name. If you sense too much workload in naming your company using these points, you may as well hire a brand naming agency who will do this work for you at a worthy cost. Happy Branding…!!


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