Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Sustainability Manager for Your Business

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Sustainability Manager for Your Business


A sustainability consultancy in Myanmar works on a contractual basis for public and private sector clients. They will address environmental issues like soil contamination, air quality and water pollution to solve issues sooner before they develops into a bigger issue. Hiring a sustainability manager from a leading sustainability consultancy in Myanmar is the right decision to take, and it is a key to getting your business moving to the next level.

Here are a few reasons why hiring a sustainability manager is essential for your business.

Reason 1: A sustainability manager comes with a list of matters to be discussed at a meeting for possible future achievements

A sustainability manager will think outside the box. To align the short-term business goals and profitability with the long-term vision of a company, a sustainability manager will communicate clearly and openly in a meeting. By doing so, you move business forward.

Reason 2: Your Sustainability Staff Will Test the Water

Before you take the step for creating a permanent sustainability position, you will need to seek the help of sustainability manager. Having an external sustainability manager helps you with testing the waters first.

Reason 3: You Will Have a Team

If you hire a Sustainability Manager, you not only get benefit from that one person, but the entire team working under the Sustainability Manager who you hire. They will give innovative and smart solutions for what you are looking for. This means, you will hire a sustainability manager but you will get concepts from the entire team working under sustainability manager. So, hire the right sustainability manager with the right back up who gives the right  solution for your specific needs.

Reason 4: With the help of a sustainability you will have a safe investment with high returns

Some companies who oversee sustainability usually don’t have a fully paid sustainability function. Some people think, investing in something that is sustainable is risky, but actually it’s not. A sustainability manager makes it as easy and stress free. The right sustainability manager who specializes in Grievance Mechanism Myanmar will be aware of the business reality, and provide the flexibility that suits your needs. From the beginning you will know how much you need to invest in it, and for how long.

Reason 5: A sustainability manager addresses more issues that will help with your business.

  • On-going communication with regulators, inspectors, and clients
  • Development of conceptual models such as, identifying and considering potential contaminant sources
  • The management of legislative issues for clients
  • Environmental audit
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Air assessment
  • Environmental management systems
  • Waste management policies
  • Land and water contamination

Final Recap

Are you planning to hire a sustainability manager for your company? Choose one that helps you to build a reputation as a responsible business. They can then support you to define the right (Corporate Social Responsibility) CSR in Myanmar for your business.


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